Yoshimi Kato SG2 Review: A Detailed Description Of The Best Chef’s Knife

Yoshimi Kato SG2 Review: A Detailed Description Of The Best Chef’s Knife

Both beginning and experienced chefs need a dedicated knife such as the Yoshimi Kato SG2 to cut meat and other ingredients. Apart from having a beautiful Damascus design, this particular knife has an enduring edge that remains sharp for longer.

The knife is hand forged by Yoshimi Kato, making it more unique than mass-produced chef knives. With an increasing clientele from all over the world, this particular knife is worth considering. It will improve your kitchen’s look and improve how you function.

This Yoshimi Kato SG2 review answers all the questions you might have. Keep reading to get a detailed description of this particular knife. In the end, you should be able to decide whether to purchase it.

Are Kato Knives Good?

Are Kato Knives Good?

Yes, Kayo Knives are good. They feature a unique Yoshimi R2/SG2 Damascus pattern that makes them strikingly beautiful. Kato knives also have a well-polished spine and a comfortable handle.

Another great thing about Kato knives is that they have OFB sharpness, making them multi-purpose. However, they may require some polishing with a #6000 stone. Overall, the knives maintain their sharpness by a great deal.

Despite having many great things about it, the Yoshimi Kato can be more difficult to sharpen than the regular stainless-steel knife. With a little patience, you should be able to sharpen the knife properly.

Yoshimi Kato SG2 Review

Yoshimi Kato SG2 Review

The Yoshimi Kato SG2 is a santoku double-edged all-purpose chef knife to prepare vegetables, fish, and meat. It is a beautiful addition to home and commercial kitchens alike. Besides the Damascus-patterned blade, Yoshimi Kato, a master blacksmith, forged the knife.

  • Its blade features a beautiful Damascus pattern and a perfectly polished spine.
  • With its OFB sharpness, the Japanese chef knife can help you prepare multiple ingredients around the kitchen.
  • Even though some users have complained about the difficulty in sharpening, you can expertly handle it with a #6000 stone.
  • With a Japanese chef knife 150mm with Honduras handle, you have a piece of cutlery you should never get tired of using.
  • It has a pinch grip that feels nimble to the hands. The handle is very thin from the neck tip to the end, making it perfect for people with small-sized hands.
  • If you’re looking for a flat-profiled santoku knife, this is the best you can have. The blade is 210mm long, 51mm high, and 1.8mm thin and is laser-tipped for precise cuts.
  • If push-cutting is your mode of operation around the kitchen, this is the knife for you.

In this Yoshimi Kato SG2 review, it’s important to explain why these knives stand out. Yoshimi Kato forges the knives by hand in a tradition he inherited from his father, Hiroshi Kato. He takes time to meet his loyal customers in western countries to understand how he could improve his knives.

  • Besides, the Yoshimi Kato R2/SG2 Damascus super-hard R2 stainless-steel blade has a nickel layer for the Damascus effect.
  • The R2 stainless steel blade has an extremely sharp edge and a 64HRC Rockwell rating. Therefore, the knife requires minimal maintenance, remaining sharp for longer.
  • However, you may need to put in more effort to sharpen this chef knife.
  • Even though the knife can be used to prepare multiple ingredients, including meat, it is advisable not to cut directly on bones or frozen ingredients.
  • That can reduce the sharpness of the knife rendering it virtually unusable.


  • Beautiful Damascus pattern
  • Enduring edge retention
  • An easy-to-use knife profile
  • Made from R2 stainless steel
  • Fit for multiple uses


  • Difficult to sharpen
  • A bit too expensive

Why Should You Buy Yoshimi Kato SG2?

Why Should You Buy Yoshimi Kato SG2

There are many reasons for buying the Yoshimi Kato SG2.

First, it is a hand-forged chef knife that differs significantly from its mass-produced counterparts. You get a knife, which you know is stringently forged with attention to detail.

Second, the Damascus pattern is very beautiful without compromising the knife’s sharpness and edge retention. The main reason for the enduring sharpness is the Yoshimi Kato R2/sg2 Damascus stainless steel material.

Finally, the knife has a thin santoku profile that gives it the power to fly through food. It cuts precisely and is great for all kinds of ingredients. With this knife, a chef’s knife is made extremely easy.


From the Yoshimi Kato SG2 review above, it’s clear that this knife is worth buying. Even though a little more expensive, it ticks all the right boxes for beauty and functionality. Yoshimi Kato personally visits clients, notes issues, and makes the necessary improvements.

The Japanese chef knife 150mm with Honduras handle is comfortable to handle. People with smaller hands will find this particular knife great. Finally, the thin santoku profile makes it possible for the knife to fly through the food quickly.

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