Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000Hero of the Grill
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000Hero of the Grill
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Hero of the Grill-Jackie Vernor

nominated by Jan W.

She always grills the meat perfect!

Hero of the Grill-Dustin Hawkinson

nominated by Delores H.

He has taught me the ins and outs of grilling

Hero of the Grill-Rebecca Clifford

nominated by Heidi C.

My mother is my grill hero because she is the heart of our family and she always has a seat for anyone who come’s over to the house, she never thinks of herself first and I love to see her win big and finally get the chance to win and what better way then being nominated by one of her kids. Please understand that the last few years have been super hard for her my dad who is a Retired Vietnam vet has been going through dementia And my mom is now face with the fact that my dad Is in his final stage of his disease This would be such a blessing To win plus it could really help my family, my mom has been Through so much even in her own health battling cancer back problems and being in renal failure I hope that she wins but she will always be my hero.

Hero of the Grill-Dennis Jones

nominated by Deborah J.

My husband loves to grill on an old fashion charcoal grill - he makes the best steaks for me - he will grill in the rain, snow, or beautiful weather.

Hero of the Grill-Robert Judge

nominated by annmarie j.
John Smith

Our yard when we bought our home was all dirt - he turned it into a beautiful place to grill

Hero of the Grill-Lance Kochen

nominated by Amber K.
John Smith

My father is my grill hero because he makes good food and he served our country as a Marine, he has overcome cancer, taken me to nascar races for many years, where he grills out dinner for us. He is the greatest dad a daughter could ask for

Hero of the Grill-Dale Trowbridge

nominated by Dixie N.

He is my little brother and can create mouth watering food on his grill!! From steaks,chops,venison,you name it!! It all tastes great!!

Hero of the Grill-Ruben Perez

nominated by Ana P.

My grilling hero is my husband. He is a great man that loves to cook especially grill for his family. He grills with such love and care for all of us. His grilling brings the whole family together every weekend. We as a family get together in our home or my parents home every weekend and he is our grilling hero every time.

Hero of the Grill-Jeff McKean

nominated by Joanne M.

Anyone I is willing to ill in sub zero temps is my hero

Hero of the Grill-Heather Marcum

nominated by Amber M.

She's the main cook in our house and always loves grilling and coming up with new recipes

Hero of the Grill-Jason Fuller

nominated by Angela N.

My husband is a grill her because he has been cooking on the grill since we got married 27 years ago! He began as a novice at it, you know fixing the occasional hot dog and hamburger for our two daughters and their friends at one of their Birthday parties. As the girls grew up, we began to entertain more and he began to try smoking or grilling for neighbors at block parties. He would try various spices and woiods to get a variety of flavors and then asked them what they thought about the finished product. Everyone would tell him it was the best they ever had. He began watching cooking and grilling shows to discover different techniques to try. He’s an amazing grill master now! I would eat a steak he cooked at home over any restaurant anywhere! ( Except one)!Ha Ha.! But what is the best part about his ability is that he does all of this wonderful grilling with a small charcoal grill in our backyard. We have to juggle plates, food and other items on this tiny grill. However, it doesn’t take away from how good it is! We could really use this makeover for our backyard so he could really show awesome his ability to grill food really is!

Hero of the Grill-billy smythe

nominated by Florinda S.

My husband smoke the most amazing ribs, he taught me how to do the slow smoking ribs and grill porkchop

Hero of the Grill-Tim Virgil

nominated by Christie L.
John Smith

My dad is my hero at the grill. He is a retired New York State Trooper and served in the army for 4 years. He has been serving our country since he was 18 years old and is now enjoying retirement. He loves to come up with creative recipes on the grill. He loves to make homemade marinades and barbeque sauces. His specialty is BBQ ribs with his special sauce.

Hero of the Grill-Kenny Noble

nominated by Donna M.

Kenny is no longer with us but I worked for him for about 6 yrs tending bar. He always had customer appreciation picnics and grilled on the grill he taught me so many different things. The favorite was shrimp with wrapped bacon grilled then about 20 minutes before they were done slap barbecue sauce on them. They were always a hit then and now when I have a cookout for my friends and ft.

Hero of the Grill-Harold Smith

nominated by anthony l.

I had just got out of the USAF and was working in saudi arabia. didn't know how to grill chicken and he showed me and thats how i started to grill and barbaque

Hero of the Grill-Paul Earnest

nominated by Grace E.
John Smith

My husband Paul is a wonderful cook. He grills even in 10° weather with snow all around. He has a special shirt that says "Grillmaster". We got it for him for father's day a few years ago. He has taught myself and our son also. I am a pretty good griller. We hope to see our son carry on the amazing tradition of grilling in the snow! I love the clean up - so much easier with no pan to clean! My husband is the Hero!!

Hero of the Grill-Clifford Eisner

nominated by Corie E.

In my family, the King of the Grill is my dad. As a lifelong picky eater, I always know that when dad fires up the grill, I can eat a delicious meal without hiding something I don't care for in a napkin. Nothing stops him from grilling; not bad weather or running out of a favorite spice. After many years of manning the grill with such skill, he deserves my nomination as my Hero of the Grill. And to my dad I say, "Dad, my stomach REALLY thanks you!! Now, what's for dinner?"

Hero of the Grill-Uncle Rick

nominated by Gianpy B.

Always grills food to help fundraisers and never asks for anything back!

Hero of the Grill-George Geoia

nominated by Angelique W.
John Smith

George is truly a hero on the grill....every 4th of july he grills for hours and invites everybody to come over- people in the neighborhood, anyone hungry..He also shows people his recipes and how to be a great griller.

Hero of the Grill-Wilfried Burghardt

nominated by Christine B.

He learned how to grill from me and now he is a star

Hero of the Grill-jOHN noEL

nominated by Debbie A.

MY DAD! My dad is the grill master it does not matter what it is he can grill it...

Hero of the Grill-John S

nominated by Alec S.

He makes the family happy during the summer

Hero of the Grill-Chuck Lapaglia

nominated by Ellen L.

My husband will even grill out in the middle of the winter here in Western New York if I want something from the grill. That's a Hero to Me! :-)

Hero of the Grill-Glenn Miyaji

nominated by Adrienne M.

My dad is my grill hero because no matter what happens he is always there for my son and myself. He has taken on the roll of teaching my son all his life skills he needs to survive to be a man.

Hero of the Grill-Justin Culpepper

nominated by Brittney w.

Bc he can cook anything on the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Desmond Stalsberg

nominated by Holly S.

He goes out of his way to make sure all items grilled are good looking and tasting

Hero of the Grill-Gregory Smith

nominated by Billie S.
John Smith

He is our family's grilling hero because he makes the best burgers and hot dogs! Whenever any kids are around in our community they are always included! Or anyone hungry!

Hero of the Grill-dave rosario

nominated by jenni w.

he grills so good he inspired me to learn how to be great griller as well

Hero of the Grill-Mark Walle

nominated by Ella W.

My Husband Mark is the grilling king. His steak are better than the top notch restaurants. He takes his time to show me how he does it but I can never make my grilled as good his. His skills on the grill is amazing. burger, chicken, STEAKS, oh my! Plus he is a wonderful person, he has made m life complete. I love the way he makes me feel safe even when I am having an off day. His hugs are magical. But best of all he cooks for me everyday so I don't have to cook when I get home from work late at night. he gets home earlier than I do so he has kitchen duty. I love it when he grill the best. My mouth just waters when I walk outside and he is grilling away. he is my hero! he makes me wanna be a better person. I love him to the moon and back over and over again. he is a master at cooking and I love him for his skills among other things. This is getting hard to write so many words about the hero in my life. Words can not express how much this man had done for me. he makes me sane when i feel like i am not. he calms me when i am stressed out. oh my still 25 more words. can i do it. 15 more to go. I Love my husband more than anyone i have ever loved

Hero of the Grill-Theresa Liston

nominated by Bob L.

My wife Theresa is my grilling Hero. Nothing better than walking in the door and smelling a nice BBQ. Foods the best. Cheers.

Hero of the Grill-Kendall Frost

nominated by Cheryl B.

My dad loved the fresh grilled taste and has been known to stand in the snow in January to share that taste with his family year around.

Hero of the Grill-Philip Anderson

nominated by Casey A.

My husband has motivated me to grill more than I ever thought I would. Before him, I hated goinf outside for prolonged periods of time. Since we have been together, he's nearly cured my agorophobia. I actually enjoy spending time with my family outside instead of dreading it.

Hero of the Grill-Gib michel

nominated by Christy M.

Rain or shine we were grilling almost every night when i was a kid growing up. 12 months a year 365 days!! When we went to the lake, we grilled, baseball game, we grilled. He tought me how to be a grill master!!

Hero of the Grill-Michael Breu

nominated by Erin B.
John Smith

He is an amazing grill master, he's always trying new things on the grill and they always turn out amazing!

Hero of the Grill-Nate boever

nominated by Chris B.

Awesome son who grills greatest burgers!

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Painter

nominated by Brittany P.
John Smith

My husband is my grilling hero because when we first met 6 years ago I couldn’t even cook the slightest bit and he was an amazing cook he has taught me how to cook anything I want and I’m so thankful for it now I’m able to have a nice dinner ready for him and our kids to eat everyday when he gets home from work.

Hero of the Grill-Steve Coxwell

nominated by Cassandra C.

My dad is my grilling hero because he is the family grilling master. Nobody else can grill a steak like him. He insprires me not only to improve my grilling skills but to never leave any food on the plate.

Hero of the Grill-rachele marzolf

nominated by jessica n.

my best friend has inspired me to learn because she has taken the initiative and taught herself how to grill. We are both single mamas so we have to learn things that maybe a man would normally do. its fun

Hero of the Grill-Chris Stewart

nominated by Jennifer S.

My husband is my grilling hero. He makes the best deer with Cole and ketchup. He is a awesome grilled.

Hero of the Grill-Paul Gurewitz

nominated by Donald g.

He can grill ANYTHING!

Hero of the Grill-Bret Heuer

nominated by Beth L.

My boyfriend Bret Heuer is my grilling hero. I recently won him a "Green Egg" in a sweepstakes and he has amazed me at his enthusiasim for learning how to use it for grilling, smoking and baking. He has really gotten into it and done a lot of research on how to use them and can cook just about anything. Everyone that knows us loves it because they get to sample all his food and he loves to share it with everyone.

Hero of the Grill-Joey Knight

nominated by Courtney M.

Joey is so friendly and loves to bbq for his family

Hero of the Grill-Raymond White

nominated by Cleveland W.

My father is my grilling hero. Some of my earliest memories are of him cooking on the grill. He would even cook in the winter time, with snow on the ground! If it fit on the grill, he would cook it, and I would be at his side, ready to assist him. Although he has passed on, I remember all his tricks when it came to grilling, and that's why I love grilling to this day.

Hero of the Grill-Candy Nickison

nominated by James N.

She knows how to do it, everything she grills is delicious!

Hero of the Grill-Frank Dailey

nominated by Corinna D.

My ex-husband was the best grill person I knew, he could grill anything on the BBQ. it didn't matter if it was snowing out or not, we would BBQ. Thanks Frank

Hero of the Grill-Danielle Overall

nominated by David L.

She showed me the right way to grill using these products. And I'm very happy with the results.

Hero of the Grill-Lar Dipila

nominated by Dawn C.

Showed me that everything taste better on the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Becky Thompson

nominated by Christine B.
John Smith

Becky can grill anything, any where. She spends a few months a year in her camper, and will whip out that little grill just about any where.

Hero of the Grill-Juan F Esquivel

nominated by JackieRoy U.

My dad is my grilling hero. He makes the absolute best food on the grill ever. My dad works hard, and even when he is not at work, he is still working at home, helping out my mom, my brother and sisters, nieces and nephew. Whether it's helping with chores, homework, playing with his grandchildren or getting down on the grill, my dad is always on point. He makes sure everyone has enough to eat, the first one to start working and the last one to sit down to get a plate. I love my daddy, he is the best father and griller.

Hero of the Grill-Tony Morgando

nominated by Jan M.
John Smith

My husband can grill better than anyone. He knows how to make the best ribs ever! He is my hero because he has always cooked for me and I am a terrible cook. He loves me anyway - another reason why he is my hero! Tony is an avid car enthusiast and it would be awesome for him to be included on the Smithfield race car in his birthday month of September. He always takes care of our cars and he has more wax on his vehicle that it shows a real shine. He also has wax on his grill as well! Our grill is already 10 years old and it looks brand new. My hero husband is meticulous with everything he does from cooking, to detailing his cars and of course his grill. He is a very special individual and I am truly blessed to be married to such a great man! I would love to treat him the way he so deserves and since I no longer work doing special things for him is very difficult. Nominating him as my hero is one way I can honor this very special man. He is the best and I am the luckiest to have this man as my hero!!