Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
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Hero of the Grill-Everett Babcock

nominated by Karla B.
John Smith

My Dad loves to grill, hamburgers, bratwursts, and fresh vegetables from his garden. He has shown me how to grill vegetables and encouraged me to try new recipes on the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Lucas O’Dell

nominated by Tonja O.

My grilling hero is my husband. He works third shift and comes home at 8:30 AM, tired, but still manages to grill if I need him too. I love that man.

Hero of the Grill-Shelby Eudakis

nominated by Judy E.

She is the best griller in town. Her ribs are fall off the bone tender, her burgers are always moist and juicy, her shrimp and chicken are delicious.

Hero of the Grill-Stacy Lugg

nominated by Stacy L.

My step-father Tom is a grilling hero! He grills in all kinds of weather and doesn't let anything keep him from his grill. Snow, rain, sunshine -- he grills in all of it! He uses the grill more than many people use an oven or a stove top. He cooks chicken, fish, beef, and even vegetables on the grill. Without a grill, he would be lost. He uses the grill to nourish and care for our family, almost every single night.

Hero of the Grill-Ronald (Tootall) Hensley

nominated by Tammi H.
John Smith

Ron is always ready to grill or smoke any Smithfield meat. His favorite is ribs. These are the ones we had for dinner. They were totally YUMMY..

Hero of the Grill-Dinkie England

nominated by Linda G.

If he doesn't burn it, he deserves an award!

Hero of the Grill-david paremske

nominated by rachel g.

He knows how to grill up everything I love to eat

Hero of the Grill-Ffiona can grill it all and she loves to gril

nominated by liz b.

My grilling hero is fiona. She is great at grillingvno matter what is on the grill she can do a great job at it. We have lots of party like birthday party. Partys for 4th of july or just speceil nights to grill. We also have mamy many people and that alone is very hard to do standing in fro nt of the grill cooking steaks and pork or chicken is hard. But whatever it is she can do it. I know she would love a new smithfield gill. The grill we have now is bad shape we brorrow grills when we have partys cause or old grill does not cut itt small and old weather worn we live in floride so the weather is hot and the sun can do some damaged to anything so its not go but you need i good grill in florida cause the weather is always nice you want ti grill outside. Because the heat is so hot you definitely do not want to cook ins8de .like putting on your oven to heat up tbe house si you always want to grill outside plus it tatse so much better on a grill. So fi

Hero of the Grill-Jeff Smith

nominated by matt s.

Taught me how to grill.

Hero of the Grill-Mary Rosecky

nominated by Jacob R.

My mom is my grill hero. She cooks all the time for our family and she’s the one using the grill. She has taught me how to cook everything from hamburgers and brats to doing a pork butt.

Hero of the Grill-Jimmy

nominated by Lorelei W.

My BF helps all around the house and puts up with my 4 dogs, they love him so much, I was outside with my friends for a bit and came in to find my kitchen clean, and dinner put up, he is the best.

Hero of the Grill-Max Miller

nominated by Melissa M.

A grilling hero to have dinner ready for me everynight

Hero of the Grill-Dale Copeland

nominated by Dana G.

My dad. When I was a kid my dad always grilled. As i grew up he taught my brother and I his "secrets" to grilling. Now that my daughter is a little older he is showing her a few secrets as well. Making memories.

Hero of the Grill-John Robertson

nominated by Tina I.

My husband is my grilling hero. I love steaks and chicken on the grill! It doesn't matter how hot it is in Vegas or how late I come home, he grills an amazing dinner for me almost every night.

Hero of the Grill-Ellen Chriscoe

nominated by Leanne S.
John Smith

My mom has inspired me on the grill. She was always the one outside on the grill instead of my dad. She shown me that, as a woman, anyone can survive without a stove and you cook just about anything on the grill. Ellen Chriscoe is a great mother and a great cook on and off the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Marvin Yule

nominated by Katy Y.

He grills and smokes even in the dead of winter

Hero of the Grill-johnny riddick

nominated by johnny r.

because hes not afraid to try something new. everything he grills is an awesome experience.

Hero of the Grill-Joshua Healton

nominated by Chanda H.
John Smith

Joshua is my better half and a most wonderful dad to my daughter Savannah. Though not her biological father, he is the only dad she has ever known. Savannah was born with Sipina Bifida and is in a wheelchair. She's also the world's pickiest eater, but through Josh's love, devotion and amazing grilling skills, Savannah has tried and liked many new foods. These include sausage, (both regular and smoked) pork chops, and her favorite is barbecued chicken wrapped in Smithfield Bacon. Did I mention we also love Nascar and Aric Almirola?

Hero of the Grill-Samuel seegar

nominated by Jessica b.

He has brought our family together to enjoy each others time. I have seen this man invent some really yummy new flavors. I enjoy spending time with him and watching him get super creative with food. He is my inspiration to remind me of how important family is and how doing something simple like grilling can bring us all together as a family. He has a blast flipping food around and making a of the kids laugh. I have many great memories grilling and enjoying the simple things in life.

Hero of the Grill-Richard Bustos

nominated by Steven C.

I Don't know anyone else that takes more pride in preparation and during and WOW he makes the best Chorizo

Hero of the Grill-Jim Lindquist

nominated by Jessica S.

He grills everything. I usually don't eat from the grill. But he makes amazing stuff from how he seasons it. Yum!!!

Hero of the Grill-elizabeth wilson

nominated by Elizabeth w.

she has always been the one to get the grill going and she has always made the food taste great on th grill and not burnt or taste like charcoal fluid

Hero of the Grill-Phil Dombrowski

nominated by Peggy R.

My guy does all the cooking for us. He insist on Sunday dinner with our grown kids and this keeps our bond strong.

Hero of the Grill-Mike Gregoire

nominated by Keena G.

He is the best Sheboygan brat fryer ever!

Hero of the Grill-Charles Smith

nominated by Lisa T.

My Dad is my grilling hero. He is grilling on his Weber in heaven now. It was always a treat for us when he would grill hamburgers, steak and chicken for our family gatherings. I miss him and those times so much!!

Hero of the Grill-Sean spears

nominated by Vicki S.

He likes to try different things.

Hero of the Grill-Mr. Dave

nominated by Alexandra W.

Dave is one of the best grill masters I've ever met. His food is always delicious, juicy straight off the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Michael Parris

nominated by Courtney P.

My dad has always been an inspiration to me. Especially on the grill. He would always ask me to assist him in grill every night to prepare our supper and it would be our tradition to have time together to share our day. I always look forward to spending time with him by the grill discussing things about life, or just talking in general. I will forever cherish the moments i have with him by the grill and hopefully one day i will pass them to my children. I could not think of anyone better deserving than him. Even after a very long day at work he still is sure to ask me to help him grill and i look forward to it everyday and hopefully we will continue to do it for a lifetime!

Hero of the Grill-Brent Ludlow

nominated by Helen B.

His food that he grills is the best. He puts hamburgers in water with beef bullion cubes and they taste like steak. I can't wait for him to grill food for us at work.

Hero of the Grill-Raimundo Castilleja

nominated by Denise S.
John Smith

Ray is my grilling hero because he is the most awesome grill chef. He makes everything he cooks on the grill amazing. He could grill socks and they would be tender and have a great flavor.

Hero of the Grill-Scott Brazell

nominated by Lindsay C.

My dad is the best grilling cook ever. From brisket to boudin he makes it all and it’s amazing. I am waiting for my smoked pig this fall, with family , fun and laughter all around. He makes the best sauces and rubs. His meat falls off the bone good. I would let him grill for me any day of the week and eat!

Hero of the Grill-Lynn Tolbert

nominated by Mary T.

Can cook anything on the grill and it taste great.

Hero of the Grill-Elizabeth Napier and Jeremy Napier

nominated by Pamela R.

They are always grilling out. It doesn’t natter the weather it can be pouring the rain and jeremy will have umbrella out grilling a new recipe him and Elizabeth are trying out snowing or ???? sunshine and they always family and friends gatherings. They are just great christian people.

Hero of the Grill-Derek Lucas

nominated by Caren L.

My husband is My Hero. He is always insisting on grilling dinner or making something new with our Weber grill. We love meat, and barbecued meat always tastes better than anything else! We wouldn’t know what to do without our grill. Weber’s customer service was great when we had an issue last year, they sent us new parts and got us back to enjoying late night burgers and steaks and grilled vegetables l.

Hero of the Grill- Charles Huggins

nominated by Cynthia H.

Dedicated, loves what he does.

Hero of the Grill-My Aunt

nominated by Stephanie B.

She could buy the cheapest piece of meat and season and tenderize it perfectly. We had few means but she made a crap piece of red meat taste like sirloin evry time on the grill. She is a true grill master.

Hero of the Grill-Tom Larsen

nominated by Amber L.

Tom was my grilling mentor. He taught me all the ins and outs of grilling a steak.

Hero of the Grill-Chris Spieller

nominated by Sam S.

My dad has been showing me how to grill perfectly cooked delicious food since I was a little boy. His flank steaks are wonderful, and I hope to be as great a griller as he is someday!

Hero of the Grill-Oliver Robertson

nominated by Lisa W.

My boyfriend is my grilling hero. Although we grew up together ...worked together... we didn’t start dating until I left my job for health reasons. We became close and started hanging out. When he found out how much I love bbq, he cooked some of the best ribs for me and he’s been stuck with me ever since lol. Yes 10 years, one kid and it all started over a hot charcoal barrel grill????????????????????????????????????????

Hero of the Grill-Howard Mann

nominated by Cheryl M.

He makes grilling look like the most peaceful activity to do. Everything that he grills comes out so tasty and delicious. This inspires me.

Hero of the Grill-Joe Milliken

nominated by Joe M.

My dad has always been the grill master for our family!

Hero of the Grill-Fuzzy

nominated by Joan K.

He used to make the best smoked meats I've ever tasted!

Hero of the Grill-Jack hunt

nominated by Julianne D.

The father of my children is my grilling hero! He got that grill going as soon as the weather allowed, and I love coming home from work smelling burgers sizzling away out there! Grilling makes it easy for him to quickly cook some good healthy food to fill up the tummies of our wild growing boys!

Hero of the Grill-John Kirkbride III

nominated by Angela K.

Cause he works 12 hours a day and comes home and cooks an amazing feast on the grill for 8 people.

Hero of the Grill-Ron Lohneis

nominated by Dana R.

My grilling hero is my brother Ron. He has always loved grilling and cooking. He has a giant griddle and smoker grill. I wish I could grill as good as him.

Hero of the Grill-Daniel Valentine

nominated by Danielle V.

My grill hero would have to be my dad. He can not cook anything in the kitchen but put him in front if a grill and you'd think a professional chef made the food. I have so many memories growing up of all the times we grilled out. And every time we grilled out we also played baseball or football. Such great memories. Almost 10 years ago tho, dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. We went thru a lot! There were times we did not think my dad would make it the day but thankfully I can say he is still here with us. And of course as soon as he was able to, he was back in front of the grill! That man inspires me to the fullest.

Hero of the Grill-Gerald Hibbard

nominated by Teresa M.
John Smith

This was my dad who was a fireman. He made the best rotisserie chicken ever. Used to make it for the firehouse too. They loved it!

Hero of the Grill-James Glidewell

nominated by Amy R.
John Smith

This is my Dad, he was mostly a single Dad, a Veteran, now a grandpa and a great-grandpa. His favorite thing is sharing his grill items with family and friends as often as he can. All items guaranteed to come with a story and a smile or a hug. He is always helping someone other than himself. I am proud to call him mine.

Hero of the Grill-E Paul Royer

nominated by Allyson E.
John Smith

My dad is a grill hero. Yes, he grills in sun, wind, rain, snow. Yes, he can make anything taste good if he grills it. Really. ANYTHING. Those things don't make him a grill hero, just awesome to have as a dad. What makes my dad a grill hero is his very evident love for us when he grills. The time, energy, and sometimes grumpiness that comes with his grilled meals are a way he expresses that he cares. His grilling skills are legend. No one in my family goes to a fancy steakhouse to buy a steak, because we all know that we would leave disappointed, always comparing what we paid for to the steak we could have had at home. We have an annual party at the beginning of fall called "Ribfest". All of the kids and grandkids and even some in-laws attend. He spends literally the entire day preparing ribs. He flavors them and grills them to perfection. It takes hours and hours for him to feel like he has gotten them just right. We pretty much have given up on even pretending to want side dishes like baked beans or potato salad, because we all pretty much only want to eat those ribs. My dad will be 74 next year. He is slowing down in some ways, giving up some of his prior activities, relinquishing some of his "dad" chores to contractors, and relaxing more. But he hasn't stopped grilling. I'll bet he never does.

Hero of the Grill-Guy Fieri

nominated by Taylor O.

He's me grilling hero because he makes amazing food and I try to make food just like him. He's very talented