Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000Hero of the Grill
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000Hero of the Grill
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Hero of the Grill-Donald Hayward

nominated by James H.

My dad doesnt cook. However he is an amazing grill artist. I havent ever really enjoyed meat that much until he started grilling.

Hero of the Grill-Marg Horning

nominated by cliff c.

Been doing it all since 1980

Hero of the Grill-Dennis Snyder

nominated by Denise S.

Whether it be a hot summer day or a cold winter night, my husband Dennis will pull the grill out and grill a steak or burger for us!

Hero of the Grill-Kevin

nominated by Heather M.

He is so smart and strong. Always willing to help others in any way he can, he never stops! Also a much better cook then I am.

Hero of the Grill-William Clark

nominated by Tammy C.
John Smith

My husband Bill is the grill master. He can make any kind of meat into a delicious masterpiece!

Hero of the Grill-Judy curtis

nominated by Justin C.

My mother taught me how to cook from baking to smoking. I didn't really appreciate it while I was growing up but when I became a man and had to fend for myself everything she taught me came in handy. I have built in everything she taught me and we still share recipes and ideas to this day.

Hero of the Grill-Linda chapman

nominated by GERALD C.

Very few people put the needs of others above their own personal needs, but such is the case with my grilling hero.

Hero of the Grill-Anvis Lockett

nominated by Takeitha L.
John Smith

My dad love grilling. He is known for his bbq ribs and bbq chicken rub and sauces. He really knows how to being the family together!

Hero of the Grill-Ben Turner

nominated by Megan T.

My husband is a hardworking, loving man. When it's his night to cook, he always grills out for us which is always a treat for me and always delicious!

Hero of the Grill-Ron Howard

nominated by Rob H.

He is not only a great grill master. He is a recent stroke survivor. My dad 64 years old. Went 3 and half hours with out oxygen to his brain. We were in the hospital for over 6 weeks. Now in a wheelchair. We still grill every chance we get. Grilling still brings our very close family together every weekend for a well deserved dinner night. We now use the smoker a little bit more. It lets us hang out longer and gab about our week. We may have had a minor set back with Dads stroke, but it’s not going to stop him from creating great meals and memories with his family.

Hero of the Grill-Jeremy potts

nominated by Connie P.
John Smith

Jeremy does some awsome grilling and smoking steaks and ribs and turkeys. Jeremy is constantly trying new things and we love it. He goes to several different competitions to learn and compete. Love everything he has ever done

Hero of the Grill-Jon Rupp

nominated by Brenda C.

He's a great dad: Hardworking, devoted family man, and wow...he can grill!!!!

Hero of the Grill-kenny peace

nominated by Kenny P.

he makes the best burgers ever..

Hero of the Grill-Cory Savage

nominated by Melyssa M.

Because he taught me all I know snf gave me the best bbq pit I ever had!

Hero of the Grill-Jarret Register

nominated by Cassandra R.

This is my husband, and with the amazing food he cooks on the grill...that tastes so much better than anything in the oven he inspires me to "learn the grill game" so that when he isn't present and working long hours I can put the "super good food" on the table!

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Green

nominated by Kendra G.
John Smith

My dad is the BEST grill master in this area! In all of my 33 years of being his daughter, he's grilled every weekend rain, sleet, or snow. His passion for perfection and attention to detail taught me to be take pride in what I do as well. Plus, whenever he wears those sandals, the food will be awesome!

Hero of the Grill-Don Seifers

nominated by Carmen S.
John Smith

My husband has to be my hero in all aspects but when he fires up our grill I swear he puts on a super cape!!! From streak to brisket to hot dogs to frozen pizza this man can cook anything out there and make it taste like you never have had it before!!! He has taught me so much about how to cook over a flame I cannot explain!! He is my grill hero

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Robbins

nominated by Kathleen R.
John Smith

My husband Kevin is my grilling hero. He has inspired me to have more fun preparing the foods we love by instigating a friendly competition of who grills the best. :) Before we were together it was always just me grilling or cooking for my family but now it's much more fun and enjoyable with his playful competing. He'll BBQ up some ribs, etc and challenge me to make some better lol. It's fun having everyone taste and blind vote. Thanks to my sweetheart, cooking/grilling is fun again after all these years!!

Hero of the Grill-Irish Doyle

nominated by Kathy D.

Before "grillng" was in-around 1950 or so, my dad would and could cook anything on an open fire. People used to come to our lake property every weekend just to eat dad's open-fire grilling foods. You name it--he could cook it. He even made his own BBQ sauce back then. This was all before "grillin' was in". I try, but I never seem to master his cooking style and expertise.

Hero of the Grill-Donny beck

nominated by Daniel m.

He is my brother in law and i have lived with with him and my sister since my dad died and his grilling skills have improved greatly since so that is why i want him as my hero

Hero of the Grill-James Mathis

nominated by Vicki M.

He can cook anything and he shares his skills with all his family and friends.

Hero of the Grill-Greg baler

nominated by Ashley M.

My husband has been grilling for years. He inspired me by showing me that there are may more ways to cook than meets the eye

Hero of the Grill-Carole Mitchell

nominated by David B.

My mom is my grilling hero because when my dad passed away, she didn't shy away from the grill and the typical "man grill" stigma. I would not let her get rid of it because I knew she had the courage to try new things. I never imagined in a million years she would be able to cook delicious meals all these years on a grill but she does. To this day, everyone is amazed with the new ways she continues to come up with new recipes for everyone to enjoy. My favorite meal she makes is pineapple grilled chicken with grilled veggies. She makes this every sunday for family dinner, which has been tradition in our family for years. Everyone knows not to bother us during this special family time. My love for her grows as she is the most amazing mom/grill master!

Hero of the Grill-Donald J. Trump

nominated by Bradley H.

I want to be inspired by seeing Donald Trump put on an apron and actually spend 5 minutes in front of a live charcoal or gas grill and flip some real All-American burgers and ribs. It'll be huge and awesome.

Hero of the Grill-Kelley Kenyon

nominated by Rhonda S.
John Smith

She grills for every outing and holiday

Hero of the Grill-John Bradley

nominated by Angie B.
John Smith

My husband John loves to man the grill! We bought a new grill last year, an upgrade from our old gas grill and he is out there at least once a week grilling. Everything from steaks to burgers to chicken along with a ton of vegetables. I’m very proud of his culinary skills! When we met 34 years ago he had never used a grill so he’s come a long way in 34 years!

Hero of the Grill-Margaret Tubbs

nominated by Betty B.

Margaret is my sister last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though she didn't feel like it after rounds of chemo she still lit her grill and grilled away. She loves to grill for her little nieces and her family and by the way she is a fantastic griller.

Hero of the Grill-Kimberley Beasley

nominated by Rogers B.

Kimberley is my hero because she always is willing to help and be the best assistant while i'm at the grill. Even though she hates being in the hot sun she is willing to do what is necessary to make the experience not so difficult.

Hero of the Grill-Shirley Whatley

nominated by Dewey W.

My Mom Is my Hero. She made so many things on the grill, That made me fall in love with grilling. She taught me the Basics and made sure i understood the right temperatures to grill out.

Hero of the Grill-David Wyatt

nominated by Michael M.
John Smith

He is the best I know he can make any thing tadte good

Hero of the Grill-Michael Baldwin

nominated by jamie m.

My Dad is my grilling hero! He inspired in me a love for cooking and grilling at a very young age. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of watching him grill and the talks we would have on the weekends just the two of us. Now every time I smell that unforgettable smell of a charcoal grill it instantly takes me back to the good days of the past.

Hero of the Grill-Linda Orellano

nominated by Kelli O.
John Smith

Linda is my grilling hero because in 2011 an EF3 Tonado tore through our neighborhood and did a lot of damage, for the residents who stayed for fear of looting we had no power for almost 2 weeks, so no way to cook except grilling. there were several neighbors who didnt even have a grill so Linda told them they could use hers whenever they needed. Linda also made sure to cook extra food so her elderly neighbors had at least one hot meal a day. Did I mention , she is my Mother and my Hero!

Hero of the Grill-Mike Thunstrom

nominated by Nancy H.

Mike Thunstrom is my grilling hero. When he was in the Air Force, he was a cook for his fellow airmen. You would think working that hard for so long would have put him off of cooking for life, but you would be wrong. As soon as we moved into our house five years ago, he said “We need a grill.” Mike has two sides of the grill, his side (the “meat side”) and a side that he keeps for veggies only. He has taught himself to grill every vegetable that we grow in our garden. His best effort so far has been stuffed Anaheim peppers grilled next to a beautiful ham steak . Words cannot describe how delicious it was.

Hero of the Grill-Allen Tees

nominated by Tara T.

Allen Tees is my father. I nominate him for my grilling hero because, growing up he would tell me that everything taste better on the grill. He would tell me this because I was a picky eater as a kid. So I trusted him and would try the food he would cook on the grill. And I loved it all. So now I'm gonna picky eater. And now I get creative on the grill. I love to grill because my father was such an inspiration to me and taught me that trying something could turn into your new favorite food. Thank you for allowing me to nominate someone that is do important to me.

Hero of the Grill-Daniel Boone

nominated by Carolyn B.
John Smith

My husband is my grilling Hero! and all around hero. He is an army vet andwo works hard for us all. I have been working away from home and when I come home he grills us up some of my favorite foods. Steak or chicken and corn and pouch potatoes. He works hard and makes delicious dinners on the grill. O Oh and do I mention he irons too

Hero of the Grill-Amanda Kirkwood

nominated by Amanda K.
John Smith

Growing up my family did not have much. My dad always worked so hard to give us a good life. He would head up the grill at family events and still does for my grandmother. I was such a tiny little girl with an indecisive mind. He loaded up my plate so much, it might have been a meal for a king stead of a princess. Grown up we both have had rough years me with brain surgery and him with job. He has kept my car running and even helped with dishes when I don't have strength. He still offers food to me when he comes over, I absolutely love when he does ribs for me. I was so prim and proper growing up that, even ordering at restaurants I would save it for home if too messy. At home my dad lays out towels and gives me a huge tray so i can be primal. lol I grew up with him working on racecars, honestly if my dad knew the right people and I had not held him back with my disability I think he would have soared. He fought for me so schools wouldnt put me in special ed. I graduated, he went without so I can live on my own and gain independence. He is a hero to me. If you give me means I would like to do something nice for him. He deserves it. Picture is him building a ramp so I can graduate.

Hero of the Grill-Galo Tobar

nominated by Oscar T.

Father knows best.

Hero of the Grill-Scott Weinberg

nominated by Maryellen W.

Because he'll grill for us even when it's freezing or raining outside our when the temperature is over 100 degrees! I love my husband. :)

Hero of the Grill-Robert Rossi

nominated by Roseanna R.

My hubby of 41 years has been our grill king forever, he seasons all the meats perfectly and grills them up just right.

Hero of the Grill-Patrick O'Neil

nominated by Janet O.

He is my grilling hero because he food taste amazing!

Hero of the Grill-Eddie Bridges

nominated by Laura-Ann B.

My father in law is the best griller that I know. He makes the juiciest steaks, tastiest wings with all kinds of sauces. I still remember the first set of wings I had from his grill, he made original/plain and they had so much smokey flavor without any sauce, also had bbq and hot wings and I licked them to the bones. He marinates so well and has a great sense of timing when using the grill. I wish that I was a grill master like him.

Hero of the Grill-Chuck Harper

nominated by Felicia P.

Chuck is my uncle and he is a man that does everything from his heart he deserves everything positive coming to him he throws down on the grill like no other he does for others without thinking twice

Hero of the Grill-daniel potts

nominated by Joan P.

He is the most awesome grilling chef, everything he grills is delicious! A true mentor, the real grill master!

Hero of the Grill-Scott Pratt

nominated by Rhonda M.
John Smith

Scott is my grilling hero because not only can he grill anything to perfection, he built his own roaster to grill on from junk yard parts. He started with a discarded 275 gallon oil drum, added a grate from the metal yard, handles off an old exercise machine, drain from a sink, thermometer from an old broken down charcoal grill and a sheet of galvanized sheet metal for the drip pan which when finished made the ultimate grill. All so he could roast his own farm raised pig on the perfect grill for perfect taste.

Hero of the Grill-Rock schetter

nominated by Tanya H.

My fiance grills any time of year! Whenever our little girls ask daddy to grill them some chicken, pork chops, or anything else , he goes out in the cold or warm Wisconsin weather to male them happy. Even during a blizzard warning!

Hero of the Grill-Ralph Rossetti

nominated by Tammy R.

My husband loves food cooked in the grill but he always burns what ever he's cooking. So I took over and I love to try new things

Hero of the Grill-Marvin Yule

nominated by Katy Y.

He grills and smokes even in the dead of winter

Hero of the Grill-Trey Powell

nominated by Bruce C.

This Grillmaster was always giving me hints and tips but lost a foot to diabetic complications a few months ago. He's my grilling hero!

Hero of the Grill-Richard Benson

nominated by Cindy B.
John Smith

My Grilling Hero is my son , Richard Benson. He loves to cook out and is always our 'go to' person when we need advice on how to cook the perfect burger, steak or even vegetables. He is a true grill master.

Hero of the Grill-Karen Wengraf

nominated by kelly s.

She makes grilled food taste amazing. I love her Salmon on the grill and her lamb kabobs.