Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
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Hero of the Grill-Herman Smith

nominated by Jenny s.

My grandpa Herman would always fire up the grillfand make me the best steak in the world. I would surprise him while my grandma was working and before I knew it the grill was going. Spoiled rotten I was and grandma always came home and be mad for my grandpa making me steak. I sure miss those days.

Hero of the Grill-Gus Tsiatsos

nominated by Frank M.

My cousin Gus is from Greece. We grew up having family BBQs over open fire using mahogany. He would bbq whole lamb, pig, chickens and beef roasts. He showed me how hard work pays off in the end. Spending hours before actually cooking, processing the animal, brining and preparing the meat on a spot. Then the attention to the spices and marinade top it off. He showed me that full attention to the heat and placement of the heat is incredibly important. Overall, he showed me that hard work, attention to detail and time make great food, but also brings family and friends together.

Hero of the Grill-Ronnie Haury

nominated by Kristina S.

My grilling hero is my dad. Growing up, we never had much, but we did have a grill and when dad would fire up the grill, we always knew we would have a good meal and there would be family and friends joining us. It was and still is a time when you knew it was gonna be a good day. When you smelled the sweet aromas of bbq sauce marinating on the ribs and burgers, and you were always hoping he would pick you to taste a piece of the meat. A little sample of what goodness was to come. Grilling in a sense was a way of bringing family and friends together to enjoy each other’s company, the outdoors, and a good home cooked meal.

Hero of the Grill-Freddie Rodgers

nominated by Cassie R.

He is so insightful when talking about grilling. He enjoys to grill with all his friends and family. All the food is delicious and perfect.

Hero of the Grill-Sandra Crenshaw

nominated by Bill C.

My mom is a great cook, she has always grilled burgers and steaks for us. She inspired me to start at a very young age, and I am so appreciative of her. She s the best!!

Hero of the Grill-Rosy Mallick

nominated by Rosy M.

I love their grilling the food is tasty

Hero of the Grill-Erith Hawkins

nominated by Christina H.

My husband has taught me different techniques on grilling.

Hero of the Grill-Ron Johnson

nominated by Jason G.

I never was to great on the grill. Always bought the small cheap grills. All I could really do was burgers and half the time they were dry and tasteless. Ron is my inspiration. My best bud. He showed me all typs of different ways to do the different types of meat. How to prep them. Season them. How long I should let them set if needed before grilling. He showed me how and what to expect on the grill and smoker. Just an all around genius on both. Now 10 years later we competeEverytime the grill is burning. Sometimes the student beats the teacher, but mostly I get my tail kicked. His ribs are crazy tender. Boston Butts are just out of this world. Don't think he's told me everything yet. I remember this one time I challenged him to a baby back ribs cook off. Thought I had it down. Man was I ever wrong. Mine were awesome don't get me wrong. But he put me in my place like only Ron could do. I did beat him once though. My family had a 4th of July gathering. I did my homework, had my ducks in a row. Pulled up the best set of ribs I ever did. Family voted. I won. Sure he want ever let that loss down. Now I just pick at him all the time. He says he is better. But I always bring up that one time. I sure lit a fire then.

Hero of the Grill-Charles Waddell

nominated by Erika G.

My Dad is my grilling hero because almost nothing stops him from grilling. Here in Florida it gets super hot outside and that doesn't stop him from cooking. Giant mosquitoes? No problem. Rain? Just move the grill. The bottom falls out from the grill due to rust? Just put some sheet metal and some tin foil to patch the hole. He will grill about anything. I remember one time coming home from school and he was grilling SPAM (I have an old photo somewhere). Growing up that was unheard of when I told people. I think he should be on the #10 Smithfield race car because he loves Nascar and grilling. He also was a middle school teacher for 40 years and always made sure there was plenty of food on the table. That's why my dad is my hero.

Hero of the Grill-Jose Huizar

nominated by Fatima H.
John Smith

My hero is my husband Jose, not only is he a great "grill master" but an amazing father and grandfather. Jose is always ready to teach anyone he encounters about the best ways to grill. A few years ago I became very ill and we had to leave our country home and move to the city to be closer to hospitals. Jose moved us into an apartment and his love of grilling has not seized. He not only grills for his family but can often be seen passing out hotdogs and hamburgers to our surrounding neighbors. He has taught several of the young couples living at our complex the basics of grilling and he is loving every single minute of it. I can't wait for our grandsons to get old enough so grandpa can teach them as well!!

Hero of the Grill-Neal shaw

nominated by Jeremy E.

It never matters what the occasion and how bad he feels whether he just had surgery he always grills for everyone he puts everyone else above his self and never ask for you to bring any food he says just bring your own butt and come on an empty stomach ready to eat never fells his gonna grill up so much food everyone is gonna take plates of food home with them his fed some when they haven't had food to feed there selfs

Hero of the Grill-Margarita Brear

nominated by Shanon T.

My mom has always been the grilling allstar in our house. Teriyaki chicken, tri tip, asada; you name it and she kills it! In a good way, lol

Hero of the Grill-Brian Dozier

nominated by Lisa D.

He can grill anything and make it taste amazing.

Hero of the Grill-Peter Wong

nominated by Peter W.

He masterfully grills all meats to delicious perfection.

Hero of the Grill-Jeremiah Stockton

nominated by Harley S.

He comes home from work on summer evenings and grills our family of six some of our favorites and he never complains. He is the best husband, father, and grill master I know.

Hero of the Grill-Louanne Buquet

nominated by Amanda G.
John Smith

My mom, Louanne, is my grilling hero. Ever since I was a kid, grilling was important at our house. She would spend hours preparing all the fixings, and later stand at the grill to get the perfect BBQ. She makes the best meat! Having a BBQ is now important to my own little family because to me it reminds me of the love at my childhood home.

Hero of the Grill-Daniel Underwood

nominated by Erica D.

He's my grilling hero because he is the one who taught me everything I know about grilling.

Hero of the Grill-Robert Wilson

nominated by MICHAEL C.
John Smith

Robert is my best friend. I was brought up in the fast paced, quick and easy, kind of family life and he came from a close traditional Italian family and excelled in cooking. He had a restaurant, a Bakery, and at one point he trained all of the Bakers for Panera Bread in our Michigan district. Everything he cooks is AMAZING!!! His grilling and smoking skills are remarkable. Robert can take an already fantastic recipe and make it taste better than the first time you ever tasted it. He can take someone elses ordinary meals and doctor it up beyond what the fanciest restaurant you have ever been to could. He showed me how to grill and smoke successfully. Robert taught me that the big overlooked secrets are time and attention, which really is just teaching me how to care. If you really care and take the time to implement the small details that can make tiny differences, than all those tiny differences work together in harmony to create something special. That is especially crucial when it comes to grilling. If it were not for him, I would be the person who just throws the food on the fire and takes it off before it burns. I study him when he cooks and ask "why?" like a small child. I could never be as good as he is. I am forever grateful for his friendship, encouragement and for sharing his knowledge. His love of grilling is truly an exhilarating inspiration.

Hero of the Grill-Mike Burrow (dad)

nominated by Amanda B.

My grilling hero is my dad. Growing up I can remember countless hours with him in the kitchen while he's teaching me about spices. Which mouth watering secret rub he uses on his briskets. I can remember the smell of barbecue every time he walked by. If he was at his actual night job as an oil operator. I had his t-shirt next to me that smell like good ole oak and mesquite. What really makes my dad my grillimg hero. Is the countless hours he put in for benefits to raise money for cancer patients, funerals or anyone who is in need. He still does it to this day. He would spend countless hours selling tickets. Getting the seasonings just perfect and his barbecue sauce delicious. Standing hours up on hours behind his pit feeding the iron monster wood and checking itd temp. Raising lids to stop the precious meat. My hero raised money for the needy amd never asked for anything in return. His dream was to own a restaurant and still has that dream. I grill because my hero is my dad! :)

Hero of the Grill-Nathan Dooley

nominated by Sarah J.

Nate is a fantastic grilling phenom! He's always smoking the greatest meats, having the best barbecues and goes out of his way to ensure everyone gets to experience a fun, happy and delicious time at any parties he partakes in. What makes it even greater, however, is that he is a newspaper deliveryman and he works every single day of the year, come rain or snow, sunny or not, to ensure everyone gets the news of the day on time and somehow he still finds the time to create masterpiece barbecues and Smithfield is one of his favorite brands. I feel that he could use the 5k because it will help him to get some work done on his vehicle, which is useful to his employment, and because he always works so hard to be a great cook, prepare amazing dishes, and invite everyone to the fun.

Hero of the Grill-Chris Towne

nominated by maia c.

He is my hero because he is my husband! We met 7 years ago this month in a rehab. All the odds were against us. We have had our ups and we have had our downs but thru it all we learned and grew. We overcame the hardest battle and have 8 years clean in January. I chose him because i love cooking for him. He told me when we first started talking on the phone. That he loved to cook all kinds of things. I was overjoyed i found the man of my dreams. Turns out he cooks a mean peanut butter waffle. He will never live it down and it is one of my very favorite stories of ours. Well its a good thing i can throw down in the kitchen. We would of starved by now????. I love cooking for him because he is so grateful. No matter what i make his famous words. "Its the best ive ever had! i dont know how you do it!" So i bought a grill and gave it a shot. The first thing i cooked was chicken drumsticks. I nailed it!! Seeing the look on his face and how enthusiastic he was about how amazing it was. Ill never forget he may not be able to cook a mean steak but he sure knows how to make ya feel like the best griller in the world. He is my hero because he is grateful for everthing.

Hero of the Grill-Carl Gewirtz

nominated by Carl G.

I love to grill ribs,steak,chicken,fish, and use plenty of great spices to make the best of what I grill. Seems we alway have friends wanting me to make my grilled salmon for them. Never had any complaints on my grilling done for my friends.

Hero of the Grill-Kristy Kaighin

nominated by Kasey K.

My sister Kristy is my grilling hero, she's a single parent of 3 boys and always manages to throw huge BBQs and goes all out. She's the best cook in our family! She loves to entertain everyone and loves feeding people

Hero of the Grill-corey ostdiek

nominated by Sara J.

GRill God

Hero of the Grill-Rebecca Tita

nominated by Lindy T.

She works hard in a Vet office handling animals all week. She loves to grill on weekends. She makes great steaks and other foods on our grill.

Hero of the Grill-Michael Spinale jr

nominated by Tara F.

No matter what the obstacle is ( running out of gas, last minute adjustments etc.) he knows what to do. I do the seasoning and he does the grilling. Always cooked to perfection no matter it be sausages and burgers or a pork roast wrapped in bacon, the meat is always cooked right in addition to peppers and onions for kabobs or corn on the cob. He makes me want to grill better but i say why would I grill when I have him to always make it the best!!!

Hero of the Grill-Jose Gonzalez

nominated by Amber G.

My husband always enjoys cooking and makes the best pork butt sandwhichd

Hero of the Grill-Jody Kittek

nominated by Brianna J.

My dad would always cook out on the grill every night in the summer and all the food would be delicious and he was really passionate about it. He made it a bonding time when I was growing up.

Hero of the Grill-Letitus Gilbert

nominated by Kristina C.

My husband is my grilling hero because in these horribly hot days he sits out with a cold beer in hand and grills at least 5 different meats. Kids love grilled dinners!

Hero of the Grill-Chasity Scott

nominated by Chasity S.
John Smith

I am a grilling hero of a 5 yr old little girl, single and independent. I show my daughter on the grill that women are as powerful on the grill as men. When grilling let’s not forget to think healthy.

Hero of the Grill-Ramon Foyer

nominated by Shay L.

My husband can grill smoke , dlow smoke . Hes amazing and completely makes every family get together a success

Hero of the Grill-Mark Greenberg

nominated by Jamie F.

My brother is my grilling hero- at family get togethers he mans the grill, even if it's raining or blistering hot! He's efficient and knows how to season everything to perfection.

Hero of the Grill-Jonathon Hice

nominated by Angie H.

He is my husband and my hero in so many ways! He makes a absolutely delicious steak on the grill. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Hero of the Grill-Cozy Davis

nominated by William D.

As a child, my Mom would often pull the mini grill for burgers and dogs for my sister and I. When my Dad fired up the big grill, we knew we were in for a treat. He would season, sauce and freeze ribs for up to a week. Outstanding flavor, as tender as cotton candy and the bone would pull out clean.

Hero of the Grill-Cary Barbarick

nominated by Sharon M.

He is my son in law,and he is always ready to fire up the grill when I say bar b q .and he knows just how I love it cooked

Hero of the Grill-David Yancey

nominated by Kelly A.
John Smith

My husband is my grilling hero. He would rather grill than cook in the house. He has even built himself an outdoor pit using cement block and old grill grates. His food is fabulous and can compare with any of the grilling greats that we watch on tv.

Hero of the Grill-Mike Ancharani

nominated by Jasmine B.

Mike has been a friend of mine for the last four years. He's always grilling out in the summertime, and my fiance and I always hang out with him when he is grilling. He makes everything from burgers and hot dogs, to chicken, to corn on the cob, to potatoes. Everything he puts on the grill turns out so wonderful and delicious. Juicy, succulent meats. Perfectly grilled veggies that are crunchy and juicy. I'm drooling just thinking about the possibilities this summer. Mike is great at grilling, but he's also a wonderful person overall. If he had to give the shirt off his back, he would. He loves helping people. That's why he's my hero of the grill.

Hero of the Grill-John Paul Wynn

nominated by Sarah R.

My dad has always had a true passion for cooking. Not just cooking but to feed others. You can see the joy in his heart from the smile on his face when he sees whomever it is eating his creations. He loves to grill but it is never just 1 thing thrown on the grill. Oh no, it's typically a smorgasbord of steak, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, chicken, etc...and of course all the sides: garlic bread, baked &/or mashed potatoes, fried corn, along with other veggies. It's always an absolute delicious meal with the love, caring, & tenderness this man has for family, friends, acquaintances, etc. Even with him dealing with & pushing through radiation treatments 5 days a week, you can still find him in the kitchen whipping up that mouth-watering goodness that he creates from just about anything he can throw together!

Hero of the Grill-Danny Kleckner

nominated by Ashley K.

I remember growing up my dad was always grilling, baking, frying something. I've grown to carry on that same trait. I love everything to do with making food and I owe it all to my dad!

Hero of the Grill-Michael Jones

nominated by Linda J.

My husband is my hero. He has been grilling his way into my heart and stomach for 19 years. Every year for our anniversary & on New Years Eve he makes a point to make dinner for me. Filets & Lobsters on the grill. I was always afraid to grill until he spent time showing me how to light a grill, how to control the temperature, how to keep fire down and most importantly how to test different types of meats. I love that he puts so much love into whatever he cooks on the grill for me. We always try to make dinner a special time to really talk and nothing is better than talking over a great grilled meal!

Hero of the Grill-Anthony Titzer

nominated by Katreena W.
John Smith

He loves to grill anything and makes it taste good no matter what it is. He creates his own version of everything and it’s always delicious.

Hero of the Grill-Luis Gonzalez

nominated by Yvette P.

Going from generation to generation, grilling has been a popular way to bond with family and learn from each other. Luis is definitely the king of the grill! He's picked up so much from observing and is now passing it down to his son.

Hero of the Grill-Bill Shamby

nominated by Donald E.

They are a god of the grill!

Hero of the Grill-David Graves

nominated by Nicole G.

This husband of mine could not cook when we married 30 years ago. Now he smokes the most amazing briskets on the grill!

Hero of the Grill-Joshua hamilton

nominated by Sara L.

He’s the only person I know that can grill like no other he takes pride in his food and his grilling.he doesn’t slowly with Van Ness he applies good cooking skills to his grill and his food comes out ama he’s the only person I know that grill like no other he takes pride in his food and his grooming he doesn’t slowly with he plays good cooking skills to his grill and his food comes out delicious

Hero of the Grill-Paris Riley

nominated by Pat R.

My son can bbq anything and it takes like a million would feel.like to have. His meats are so tender and juicy to die for . He makes his own secret bbq sauce and run so good. He will bbq everyday , no matter the weather , he says when ppls say on it raining , excise . Only extreme wind might keep him from Bbqing . Everyone is always asking him to bbq for them . So easy and tender , juicy full of flavor . He does veggies and such a way you would have never guess they were made in a grill . So smooth with flavor and the texture is perfect . He grills a whole pig sometimes and man the whole neifhboehiid is like we need some , I never knew a roast pig could taste so goo. He is always trying to find a better bbq sauce or mixed , and that makes me want to try grilling all over again with a differ take i ever experienced .

Hero of the Grill-Marie truex

nominated by Joann M.

My mom she thought me how to grill and cook

Hero of the Grill-Ramon Macalalad

nominated by Patrick M.

.My Dad is my grilling hero because he went overseas for work just to put food in our table.

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Goodwin

nominated by Sara W.

He grills the best food because it is so flavorful!

Hero of the Grill-William Moore

nominated by linda m.

He always made and tried different dishes on the grill. He always had to work so it inspired me to get started grilling for my family and friends. Hope I can inspire someone else like he has me always showing up with something new or different with a smile and a little joke.