Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
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Hero of the Grill-Chris Hoxie

nominated by Brian F.

The things he is able to cook on the grill. Whether it is ribs or pizza, he has made some amazing dishes.

Hero of the Grill-Joe Smith

nominated by corky h.

Introduction to indoor grilling when the temp is too hot to cook outside. He also has his own monogrammed apron. The name "Joe Smith" would look nice on the racecar.

Hero of the Grill-Jordan gwynn

nominated by Jessica B.

My son Jordan plays football and eats very healthy do he inspired me to cook healthier and he loves grilled chicken and fresh vegetables from our garden cooked on the grill

Hero of the Grill-Jeremy Hudson

nominated by Kevin B.
John Smith

I’ve always loved to cook barbecue, and 7 years ago, my best friend Jeremy talked me in to doing a bbq contest in Grand Junction, Colorado. I had never done a contest before and this contest was an amateur backyard contest for ribs only. Long story, short, I didn’t win but I finished 8th and I would have never done it without Jeremy. I met the KCBS rep that day and he introduced me to real competition bbq. Ive earned more than 30 awards since then, and still going. Truly, this is what best friends are for. Without Jeremy’s push, I’d still be cooking in my backyard. Jeremy has been to many contests with me, including my first 1st place award. Thanks brother, you’re the reason I’m still going strong.

Hero of the Grill-Rocky Khounlivong

nominated by Betty X.

My husband is the best at grilling. He also grills when we have a party and everyone loves his cooking. He also grills at everyone elses cookouts too.

Hero of the Grill-Sean Brewer

nominated by Karl W.

Crutches any and all food he puts to heat

Hero of the Grill-Keith Purser

nominated by GAIL C.

Keith grilled some awesome Smithfield babyback bbq ribs.

Hero of the Grill-Michael Maybaum

nominated by JACKIE G.
John Smith

This is my best friend and he showed me that even when you are homeless, it is possible to have delicious grilled corn on the cob.

Hero of the Grill-Benjamin Mayes

nominated by Charlette W.

Benjamin is my grilling hero because he makes all the food so delicious. He makes it look so easy.

Hero of the Grill-Helen law

nominated by Wendy W.

Best giller I know my mom BBQs the best

Hero of the Grill-Willie Jones

nominated by Vickie W.

I always loved the flavor of food off a charcoal grill. But being a single mother I also thought it was too much of hassle. However, now thanks to Willie Jones I know it is as simple as just doing a little prep work to get all the flavor that can only be achieved by grilling.

Hero of the Grill-Michelle Blair

nominated by SusieJean J.
John Smith

My daughter is my grilling hero. She helped me lose over 110 pounds. She grills corn on the cob for me and it comes out so yummy! She has been my biggest cheerleader. Protein helps you to feel full, so she also makes lean meats grilled to perfection. She is a wiz when it comes to the BBQ. She learned from her Dad, watching and observing his techniques. We have been married over 30 years and I beleive Daddy and Daughter could have their own GRILLING SHOW! They use direct dry heat and Smithfield products. She turns every bar-be-que into a social event. The ease and confidence she shows is amazing. We love to party outdoors and the festive foods you can make on the grill tend to bring people together. It is a bonding experience. Michelle says she feels closer to nature when she is outside cooking. Whether it is a causal informal gathering or a more formal event, this grill queen can handle it all! She helps me be accountable with my calorie ingestion. Often times she will concoct an original recipe just for me. She knows how hard I have worked to get the excess weight off. Her love and compassion is helping me keep it off. Our whole family looks forward to the time we can spend together enjoying a delicious home grilled meal. Michelle could write a cookbook with her knowledge and expertise. The main ingredient is LOVE! I treasure my beautiful talented grill hero!

Hero of the Grill-Joseph moore

nominated by Stephanie M.

I would like to nominate my husband... because even after a long day at work he still comes home and will grill out for 5 other people! He is always the last to eat and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Hero of the Grill-Kathy Sebastian Moore

nominated by katelyn s.

I know that only one nomination is asked for, however this is a unique case, so I feel that I need to mention both. My Dad, Rick Sebastian, is my grilling hero. The moments and memories along with hanging out outside while he cooked on the grill, are some that I cherished the most, because he passed away in May of 2009 from Pancreatic Cancer. We miss him every single day! But my mom has inspired me in every way possible, to be the best you, that you can be. The spatula was passed to her and she took over with grace. My Mom has become my other grilling hero!

Hero of the Grill-Gloria Taylor

nominated by Laronda P.

Gloria is my grilling hero because here food is just great! She always putting her special touches to her food.

Hero of the Grill-Kayjay Kearney

nominated by Tia S.

My boyfriend has taught me how to be a “grill master” as he would call it. Together we have mastered cooking ALOTTTT. We are steadily trying different things on the grill. It’s always a good time hanging out by the grill with him. I love to watch him because it teaches me what I need to know in case one day i decide to suprise him.

Hero of the Grill-Ryan Gallagher

nominated by Diana G.

After learning from his father to grill to perfection...he is now mastering skills in smoking meats also!!!

Hero of the Grill-Jose Guerra

nominated by Mariela A.

My husband inspired me to start grilling hes always the one grilling on weekends special occasions. Every time he starts the grill I always tell my self one day is goin to be me on that grill I just love the smell of it and the food grilling with the special bbq sauce my husband makes .Love seeing all my family at cookouts just having fun sharing stories while we wait for the food on the grill everybody just enjoying them selves.This is why my husband inspired me to grill I love to see hem on the grill like a real man that he is last month whas the my first time I whas on the grill first time starting a grill didn't have a clue what to do first i almost burned my self down lol but thanks to my hero i didn't burn my self down or the house lol he whas there right next to me showing me the easiest steps 1. charcoal 2.lighter fluid 3.let it burn a little 4.most important step is the food you can't forget that lol.I had a really good time cooking and just having fun with the family.I whas so proud of my self for once I get to know the true meaning of grilling it smell so good who knew cookouts can bring everyone together. I thank my hero my husband for inspiring me to get on the grill and showing me there's much more than just cooking food .

Hero of the Grill-Tammy Bixby

nominated by Tammy B.

This person has no clue how to grill whatsoever but never ever ever has failed at grilling the Magnificent chicken tasty steak and the mouth watering vegetables. It is not a natural thing for somebody can have no clue what they're doing and have the outcome the way it does which is always perfect It's Supernatural I tell you get.

Hero of the Grill-Preston Bryant

nominated by Doug B.

Preston Bryant was my father. He worked all of his life driving a bus. He was the father of 12 children. Needless to say we weren't a rich family growing up but my dad (and mom) always provided for us. Preston (and mom) always shopped frugally taking advantage of specials, sales, coupons and buying in bulk. Dad cooked on the grill frequently. Occasionally he cooked us steak but more often it was burgers and chicken. One of his favorite chicken recipes was chicken legs and thighs basted in melted butter and seasoned heavily with paprika. it is so simple yet so delicious. Preston, also know as 'Pop Pop" left us before his time after a struggle with ALS. Today my family keeps the tradition alive and I and other family members cook "pop pop" chicken using his recipe. It is still just as delicious and helps up remember our proud father/grandfather.


nominated by Tiffany A.

My dad is my grilling hero. Ever since I was little my dad has always grilled. Veggies, steaks, burgers, fish, chicken, ribs, you name it he's grilled it at least once lol. I always enjoy the smell of the grill & helping him even now that I am in my late 20s I enjoy when he cooks on the grill for me. He is a hero in my eyes because he was diagnosed with Melanoma Stage 4 in December & has been going through Chemo to make sure it doesn't come back. Even though he has been through a lot he still enjoys grilling & cooking for his family. This is why he's my grilling hero.

Hero of the Grill-David Yancey

nominated by Kelly A.
John Smith

My husband is my grilling hero. He would rather grill than cook in the house. He has even built himself an outdoor pit using cement block and old grill grates. His food is fabulous and can compare with any of the grilling greats that we watch on tv.

Hero of the Grill-DAREN WIGGINS

nominated by TERESA W.

My husband, Daren is the king of the grill at our HOME!

Hero of the Grill-Joseph Ramos Jr.

nominated by Ron M.

The only time I ever saw my father cook was at a grill. If my Mom was sick or away, he would bring home take out.

Hero of the Grill-Melanie lothe

nominated by Carissa K.

She is an amazing griller! Everything is cooked to perfection and she seasons and marinates amazingly as well! She inspires me to grill myself!!

Hero of the Grill-Terry Bryant

nominated by JOYCE B.
John Smith

Terry is the hero of the Grill.I'm on oxygen and can't grill. He grills for some of our friends.

Hero of the Grill-Ramon Jurado

nominated by Tammy H.

Ramon has such patients when it comes to grilling. He takes his time, gets the right rub or sauce for the meat he is grilling. He truly enjoys the whole grilling process from start to finish, and when that juicy meat comes off that grill, wow, its amazing. He has inspired me to perfect my grilling technique and take pride in what I'm grilling.

Hero of the Grill-Thomas Fuentes

nominated by Amanda P.

He cooks the best steak s ever

Hero of the Grill-George Nesmith

nominated by Virginia A.

He is my Daddy! My hero! He has taught me everything about grilling. He grills ribs, burgers, Boston butt, and the best steak I've ever eaten. He worked hard his entire life even after becoming disabled. He home schooled my little brother and little sister. He has pneumonia right now and still has to grill almost everything. He made sure all of his kids had everything we needed even when it took his last dime. He is getting older now, in his sixties and our best memories are with him at the grill and in the kitchen. He is a very special, yet opinionated man. I wouldn't change him for anything. He has had several surgeries on his neck and back. He has atrial fibrillation. He has had to have his heart shocked back into rhythm several times. Scary every time. He deserves so much in this life and he deserves this.

Hero of the Grill-Dan Foidl

nominated by Shani R.

my grilling hero is my dad because he grills everything even breakfast

Hero of the Grill-William Serpa

nominated by LOURDES S.

My beautiful husband is a grilling hero because no matter what the weather is like outside he will willingly go out and grill the fresh meats and veggies I prepare int he house. He enjoys grilling and is always happy to make sure it is done just the way the family likes it. I love him so much!

Hero of the Grill-Robert Boone

nominated by Amanda B.

When my dad sparked up the grill in the back yard I knew I was in for a treat. He could cook anything! My all time favorite was his beef ribs! To this day I've never had any that tasted half as good as my dads. I wish i knew what he did to make them melt in your mouth like they did. I lost my dad in 2004 so I will never find out. I do try over and over to perfect my grilling technique. One day I will make those ribs

Hero of the Grill-Chester Johnson

nominated by Tonya J.
John Smith

He is my hero due to no matter how many hours he's worked if it is close to a holiday like the 4th of July, Christmas, or Thanksgiving he will go home and be up for hours into the next day smoking enough chicken, ribs, shoulders or bbrisket for 50 - 100 people (usually he is preparing it for more than one household) on his commercial style Bartel smokers he put together himself. The ultimate was when he grilled and smoked enough meat for a family reunion picnic (350 people attended).

Hero of the Grill-William Turner

nominated by Denise T.

My Husband was my Grilling Hero. I love to grill. Food is so much better on the grill. My husband passed away from a fire cracker accident and bleeding out at the scene, so now with two young girls, I have become the grille person in our family. If he had not taught me how, the only way my 7 and 10 year old would have grilled food would be at a restaurant. He was a great dad and now my kids actually eat red meat and not just pizza and mac & cheese. My little one likes salmon and shrimp on the grill, and my oldest loves steak and corn on the cob. Like I said, everything is better on the grill. My husband was a fire fighter for years and would help others all of the time. When a friend asked him to come over and help with fire crackers for their child on New Years, he thought sure. He never believed anything would happen to him. The fire work devise hit his Femoral Artery and he bled out at the scene. I was home with our children when I found out. We have never been the same so I try and keep my family as normal as I can. We grill like Daddy. Thank you for listening. He was and is our Hero.

Hero of the Grill-Tom Conway

nominated by maureen c.

My husband, Tom is the best I know...

Hero of the Grill-Theoatis Hill

nominated by Aaliyah C.

My husband is my grilling hero. I’ve always been scared to start a fire let alone cook on open fire like that. He’s showed me how easy it’s is even bought me pretty bbq utensils.

Hero of the Grill-Ashleigh Durbin

nominated by Joseph E.

She can grill better then anyone even my dad. She make the best grilled burgers especially for me and our children!

Hero of the Grill-Steve Lackey

nominated by Beth L.

My husband is amazing on the grill. He can grill anything! We go through a new grill every few years because we grill year round and he uses lots of homemade sauces. The smells from our grill waft across the neighborhood and everyone says it smells amazing. I try to grill like him but his skills can't be beat.

Hero of the Grill-Valerie Rios / George & Sandra Varelas

nominated by Valerie R.

He loves to barbecue with his wife Sandra with his bigger barbecue. George had an restaurant. He had to close it. Sandra had gotton real sick from her diabetes. They loved to go out of town and around San Jose, Ca. I love when he has a barbecue. To eat a plate of his brisket, ribs, macaroni salad. I can't eat his hot briskets and ribs and other things. George and Sandra make a mean plate.

Hero of the Grill-Malcolm Reed

nominated by Kevin S.
John Smith

I started following Mr Malcolm because he makes doing good bbq easy. He takes time to explain why he does what he does, how to do it right. He also has his own line of rubs and sauces but still makes videos of him using other people’s products. That show what type of guy he is to push other people’s products on his page. He is just the best person to learn from.

Hero of the Grill-Jennifer Owen

nominated by Jen O.

My husband is the grilling hero, who is currently deployed and he loves a good BBQ. Grilling is not just putting meat into the grill but the whole experience about making three backyard pretty and comfortable. I can’t wait to chill and relax while the hubby cooks

Hero of the Grill-Steve Knutson

nominated by Kathy K.
John Smith

He takes over the grill

Hero of the Grill-Anthony Nelson

nominated by Sarah P.

He is the best father man and cook i know

Hero of the Grill-Gray Smith

nominated by Gina T.

He says patients is a virtue and he means he makes amazing steaks.

Hero of the Grill-David Migl

nominated by Mary J.
John Smith

When I was a young girl growing up, daddy would grill on a handmade bbq pit made out of a 50 gallon drum. He made a signature sop sauce that was delicious. I helped him make his sauce. Then after he was finished grilling, he let us roast marshmallows. We did this every time daddy grilled. After I got married and moved from home daddy bought a gas grill. His meals were delicious. Daddy passed away 2 years ago. The memories I shared with him while he grilled are forever etched in the most happy memories I have. Today I have a smoker and a gas grill. Every single time I use them, I think of daddy and how he taught me so much. I love you daddy today and forever. Thank you for the memories.

Hero of the Grill-Jerry Hamil

nominated by Karen M.

Ever since I can remember my dad loved cooking on a grill. It didn’t matter whether it was raining or even snowing (yep, still grilled in the winter) . His favorite and mine too would be t bone steaks. He would find any reason he could to fire up the grill. He passed away three years ago and every time we fire up the grill I think about his love of grilling. I really debated about entering this because it is hard because the contest is designed for your hero to still be here. I wish he was here with all my heart for more reasons than just the memories I have of him grilling. But I will tell you that every time I smell the grill firing up, it brings back memories that will forever be a part of me.

Hero of the Grill-Wade Earls

nominated by Kathy E.

Wade is my hero in grilling because of his ingenuity. He is always trying something new on the grill. Makes me want to do the same.

Hero of the Grill-Leon Zielinski

nominated by Shelley O.
John Smith

I had grown up in the 60s in a divorced home. It was unusual at the time. Mom and two girls, we never did any grilling. I met my husband who is a marvelous cook. He barbecued ribs chicken of course hamburgers and hotdogs but corn grilled? 39 years later I know why I've been with him so long he's an awesome barbecuer comes up with great rubs and sauces and it's all in his head I can't give you no tips because he won't share them even with me but I can tell you he has the best barbecue around. I love my BBQ man!

Hero of the Grill-Richard Camargo

nominated by Jacob C.

my dad is my grilling hero because hes the best man i know and the best griller ever

Hero of the Grill-Joey Parker

nominated by Cheryl N.

1989 he showed me how to bbq corn on the cob on the grill. So yummy. He had soaked it for 12 hours in water. Then put on grill. Wrapped in tinfoil. Mmm