Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
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Hero of the Grill-Jamie LaCost

nominated by Monica L.

My husband Jamie is not only a wonderful husband, father and my best friend but he also is an amazing cook!!! He goes above and beyond to provide for his family and will do anything for anyone!!

Hero of the Grill-John Faflik

nominated by Jenny F.

My dad is my grilling hero. Ever since I can remember I have always loved cooking. My mom was not the best cook so anytime my dad was grilling, I would hang outside watching him. Watching him grill also inspired me to perfect my cooking and baking skills and it is something that I am always thankful for. A lot of people take the ability to cook for granted and I feel a lot more people should be inspired to learn to cook for themselves. Nothing really compares to a home cooked meal that you put your heart and soul into. Not only do I use the grill for grilling in the summer, I also use it for baking pizzas and desserts.

Hero of the Grill-Craig Resnick

nominated by Kelsey R.

My dad loves to grill. His specialty is sausage and grilled veggies. When I was in high school all my friends loved coming over to our house when my dad was grilling out. My dad not only taught me how to grill, he gave me a grill and smoker for our wedding gift. Whenever I use it I remember the good times I had grilling with my dad. I can't wait to teach my son to grill.

Hero of the Grill-Bob Jolly

nominated by Colleen J.

Bob was my father, He has passed away. He was the one who had me grilling at a very young age. How that Man could grill, the meats would melt in your mouth. He was a gifted cook.

Hero of the Grill-Michael McCarroll

nominated by Harry M.
John Smith

Grills for several nascar teams at the track

Hero of the Grill-Chuck Matthews

nominated by Charles M.

My Dad taught me how to grill "old school" at a very young age. He had an oak woodpile and the grill was two stacks of cinder breeze blocks topped with a heavy piece of steel that had diamond shaped perforations in it. As a lid, he had an old dome shaped barbecue top that would keep the smoke over the meat. We used newspaper and kindling to start the logs. He showed me how to make the fire hot and told me not to start cooking the meat until the fuel turned white. To create a lot of smoke, he showed me how to peel off large sheets of oak bark from the logs and toss those on the coals.When the sheets of bark caught on fire, I would toss on more bark and create even more smoke. Regardless of weather, we grilled a few times a week outdoors all year. The best part of the whole experience is that I spend valued time with my Dad talking about important things: Football, school, goals, jokes, and so much more. Nothing in the world could replace our grilling sessions because we had a lot of interaction. Since then, I have never had meat that was smoked the way we did it. I took the taste for granted because I thought everybody did it that way. My summer project is to build the type of grill he had because you can't buy it. You have to build it.

Hero of the Grill-Frank Perrotta

nominated by Cathy S.

My dad of 92 years old makes the best steaks ever, salt and pepper is all it takes . he made his own invention from taking an old toaster oven apart. My dad plugs the starter in to light charcoal, gets it to a certain temperature before he puts the steaks on. he uses a thermometer to get them to the perfect temperature. just delicious, best steaks ever ,serves them with a fresh tomato salad he makes himself.

Hero of the Grill-Michael bowen

nominated by Alison B.

My husband is the best I've ever seen on the grill I want to be as good as him

Hero of the Grill-Russell Boyd

nominated by Sharie M.

Russell is an amazing grill master. He takes pride in grilling and grills to perfection. He enjoys smelling up our neighborhood with the delicious aroma from the grill. Per request, Russell grills for our family and friends every holiday and enjoys serving others. He is my hero at the grill!

Hero of the Grill-Thomas Freeman

nominated by Mary F.

My father because he all was let me grill with him age of 6 years old my age of 43 now he dide November 6th 2017 . Oh an no matter what he was going to grill that day on his charcl Gill that he had sencs him and mom got merryed !

Hero of the Grill-Billie Magaw

nominated by Lynda G.

Billie makes the most tender steaks, juicy hamburgers, and grilled veggies that I never knew you could grill. He pops over on holidays and birthdays, and grills for this senior citizen and my neighbors. We provide dessert and he provides the rest. He spends his money and takes none in return. Stated he just enjoys us enjoying. He is a big bright light in our lives.

Hero of the Grill-brian hirt

nominated by annie b.

He will always grill when i want it even if it is rainy outside. And he always makes sure the food is great.

Hero of the Grill-Brent Bilyeu

nominated by Tiffany C.
John Smith

My hero is my partner. He is a amazing father and works 7 days a week and still makes time for family. We love spending the day outside in the back yard grilling. He has inspired me to want to grill out more because not only is it a great family time together but the taste of grilled food is so much better then cooking on the stove.

Hero of the Grill-Brian Keinath

nominated by Ashley K.

He comes home from work and to the rescue he comes to cook up dinner! He totally takes care of us and grilling is winning hand! He for sure is my hero!

Hero of the Grill-Derrick Ducote

nominated by Christina D.

My husband, Derrick, is my grilling hero because for every special occasion he is the one nominated to cook for us. He does an amazing job whether it's barbequing or boiling. He always makes his own special sauce to add on top of our meat and it always comes out great. He puts a lot of effort into his cooking and it shows. He is most definitely the chef in our home!

Hero of the Grill-Alfred DeGroat

nominated by Julianna D.

My father is my grilling hero...My dad loves to grill...He cooks most of his meals on the grill...It relaxes him and he really enjoys it...Now I have followed in my daddy's foot steps and grill almost every day...My dad has taught me that grilling also saves on Energy or Gas in the house...It is cheaper to have propane gas than regular Natural Gas or Electricity...Thank you Daddy for teaching me how to cook...I love you...

Hero of the Grill-Michael Cordell

nominated by Cynthia D.

My fiancee is my grilling hero because he loves to grill and is good at it. He makes delicious BBQ on the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Bruce Douglas

nominated by Patricia D.
John Smith

Bruce absolutely is my Grill Hero! He can grill anything on the BBQ and it taste amazing. He is so creative when making his meats, he creates a new flavor every time.. I am always amazed by his ability to create such wonderful flavors that he just pulls out of his head. He puts love and compassion in every meal and we cook 90% of the time on the grill. I nominate my husband Bruce Douglas as my grill hero. Thank you, Patricia Douglas

Hero of the Grill-Derek Herman

nominated by Lacey B.

Grills the best steaks ever! He taught me it's all about the perfect searing.

Hero of the Grill-Ronald Moore Sr.

nominated by michael m.
John Smith

my dad introduced me to bbq at a young age as he was doing cook-outs when he was military police in the usaf.i loved learning how to cook real bbq and today i can cook some fine bbq from his teachings.my dad passed away june 22nd,2017.he left me his prized smoker,which i'm in the process of painting and fixing up since he wasn't able to keep up with it anymore.if he's chosen,i'll give the $5,000 to my mom as she is struggling since dad passed.please consider him for MY HERO on and off the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Jason Shipman

nominated by Paul S.

He's adventurous with the grill

Hero of the Grill-Karen Lorenz

nominated by Ashley L.

My mom is an awesome griller. Makes awesome grilled shishkobobz

Hero of the Grill-Howard Lacey

nominated by laura l.
John Smith

My husband is my grill hero. He’s an excellent cook and bbq master. ( Hamburgers are his speciality) He’s also a great father to our three children and spends his working hours fitting children and adults with special needs into mobility equipment that eases their way of life.

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Robbins

nominated by Kathleen R.
John Smith

My husband Kevin is my grilling hero. He has inspired me to have more fun preparing the foods we love by instigating a friendly competition of who grills the best. :) Before we were together it was always just me grilling or cooking for my family but now it's much more fun and enjoyable with his playful competing. He'll BBQ up some ribs, etc and challenge me to make some better lol. It's fun having everyone taste and blind vote. Thanks to my sweetheart, cooking/grilling is fun again after all these years!!

Hero of the Grill-Ramon Foyer

nominated by Shay L.

My husband can grill smoke , dlow smoke . Hes amazing and completely makes every family get together a success

Hero of the Grill-Danielle McKee

nominated by Danielle M.
John Smith

For starters she was always scared of using a grill, but she want passed her fear and uses the grill more than anything for all types of meals, especially for chicken rotisserie.

Hero of the Grill-Maria duenas

nominated by Roselie Z.

She could grill non stop for hours. She sure does love to grill

Hero of the Grill-James Jenkins

nominated by Theresa J.

I was a city girl who married a country boy so when are kids were little we would spend our days off camping...I never grilled let alone on an open fire, now it's second nation to all of us...now that we have a yard and grandkids, if we're not camping we're out back around the fire with FOOD....My FAV's are chops, hobo dinners and campers pies

Hero of the Grill-Nick Minkevich

nominated by Joyce H.
John Smith

Nick loves to cook and grilling is his “thing”. His grill is his pride and joy and the food he cooks on it are beyond wonderful. He is always experimenting with new ideas and foods to cook on it and we have yet to have a bad meal. In fact, they have ALL been delicious and mouth-watering good. From a simple burger to a gourmet fish/steak, Nick puts his all (seasonings, rubs, dips and more) into his grilling. We always look forward to that invitation to come for dinner....what will it be this time? It is always something perfectly cooked and beautifully presented straight from his grill. Nick exemplifies what a great grill chef should be and brings the love of food to everyone he serves.

Hero of the Grill-Alejandro Rosas

nominated by Rosa O.

My hero of the grill would have to be my partner Alejandro. Every Sunday after our daughters soccer game and his soccer game we gather up to grill food for the family. He makes sure every food item is grilled to perfection. After we finish eating we have a tradition of cleaning up together with some of our favorite music but the most special part is seeing him explain to our daughter the complexity of a grill and my daughter being in complete awe with him. I see her look up at him with glowing eyes and a huge smile because in her eyes there's nothing her dad can't do, and grilling up a storm is no exception.

Hero of the Grill-Jason hromak

nominated by Shannon H.

My husband has fun when he grills! I think how much he enjoys it and how much fun hechss makes him a grilling hero!

Hero of the Grill-Doug Cartwright

nominated by Sandra R.

He makes the best ribs of all.He boils them first and gets them real tender then puts them on the grill and has his own special seasons and barbeque sauce on them.They are the best I've ever eaten

Hero of the Grill-Joe Wyatt

nominated by Kristal F.
John Smith

My grilling hero is my Dad. When I was 6 years old,(now 34) and my Dad was 34, he had what they call a widow maker heart attack. My Dad, according to all medical personnel, should have died that day, 28 years ago. All of his doctors say he is a living, breathing miracle. I believe he is my miracle. He has inspired me to take one day at a time, and enjoy every second. Every Sunday...even in the winter, my Dad breaks out the grill and can’t wait to see people eat what he has made. He gets more enjoyment out of watching everyone enjoy their food than he does actually eating it. As a child, I always looked so forward to the weekend, but now as an adult, I look even more forward to Sunday’s, grilling out with my hero, my miracle, my Dad.

Hero of the Grill-TERRY ALEXANDER

nominated by Jamie L.


Hero of the Grill-Marion Tomlinson

nominated by Julie T.

My husband is my hero! He helps take care of everything. He took on me and my boys when he didn't have to. My boys can count on him for everything and they do! He deserves the best. One of our favorite moments together is watching the race together. It would be amazing to see his name on that car! He grills the best burgers that make us all so happy!!!!

Hero of the Grill-Jason Bongers

nominated by Stacy S.

He is amazing at grilling, trying new recipes - rubs, seasoning, sauces. Next is learning to smoke meats. He is always happy to grill for everyone and up to having a great time grilling with family and friends. Grilling brings everyone together...

Hero of the Grill-jessica brown

nominated by jessica b.

my fiance benjamin loves grilling on the grill and he had made me love eating grill food almost every night for dinner .,... we even grill on the grill in winter time and take food in the house in eat it for dinner at times.. he would allways have us making steak, hotdogs, hamburgers,corn,fish,chicken, ect and cold salads on the side and chios and dip and nice cold coke and pepsi and some times tea on the side and relax after the food done and have a family conversation with each other by our pool side and sip and dine.... we just love the grilling espeacially in the summer time... yay grilling...

Hero of the Grill-Francisco Domenech

nominated by Antonia D.
John Smith

My father died in December of 2005, but he made me appreciate grilled food. He loved to cook, but not indoors, with a stove. He always grilled. He had so many different ways to prepare different foods and it left me with so many happy memories of spending time with my family and thoroughly enjoying our delicious meals.

Hero of the Grill-Paris Riley

nominated by Pat R.

My son can bbq anything and it takes like a million would feel.like to have. His meats are so tender and juicy to die for . He makes his own secret bbq sauce and run so good. He will bbq everyday , no matter the weather , he says when ppls say on it raining , excise . Only extreme wind might keep him from Bbqing . Everyone is always asking him to bbq for them . So easy and tender , juicy full of flavor . He does veggies and such a way you would have never guess they were made in a grill . So smooth with flavor and the texture is perfect . He grills a whole pig sometimes and man the whole neifhboehiid is like we need some , I never knew a roast pig could taste so goo. He is always trying to find a better bbq sauce or mixed , and that makes me want to try grilling all over again with a differ take i ever experienced .

Hero of the Grill-Yolanda Carter

nominated by Ingrid J.

This woman was married for 25 years and would grill with her husband the entire time; after he passed away she continued to grill for family and friends and has mastered the art of grilling. Everything she grills is always perfect to the taste. She has inspired me greatly and now I have begun to grill out often.

Hero of the Grill-Roger Wilson

nominated by Bradlee W.

My father is from St. Louis, he taught me the midwestern way to make ribs. We used to sit around the charcoal grill, he would not only give me grilling advice but life advice. These lessons taught by the smog of the grill were lessons I'd never forget. These anecdotes included stories of how to baste the ribs, how to create a bark, how to deal with girls and why he wants me to go to college, plenty of life struggles. He's my grill hero for not only teaching me how to amaze the crowd with midwestern style BBQ but how to succeed in life. I'll never forget our times stoking the charcoal, smoking the 'Q until it was done "just right". He had an eye of perfection for anything that went down on our own rust-bucket grill. He also taught his sons those stories of old. To me, those moments made him a hero of the grill and the father to look up to. I'm sure there's plenty of stories like ours but to me, that's my childhood Saturdays. Grilling with dad.

Hero of the Grill-Joshua Reynolds

nominated by Cathy C.

Josh is my son in law. He invites the entire family out to his home (also my daughter's home) to grill for us. He is very serious about his grilling skills and everything he grills is delicious!!!

Hero of the Grill-Leonard Love

nominated by Reginald L.

My cousin Leonard and I just recently connected after years of only knowing of him and knowing my uncle his father passed away at an early age some years ago. I would see his Facebook posts about different bbq competitions and cooking different foods on the grill and or smoker and was just inspired by his courage and his endurance throughout the years and wanted to be like him. Now im in the process of trying to start my own bbq company and trying to insipre others to get on the grill get outdoors and cook. I don't know if he or I will win this but I definitely thank you all for the opportunity to share my story.

Hero of the Grill-Craig Smith

nominated by Heather S.

My dad had a heart attack a few years ago. It was a very scary experience for us in our family, especially me, because I was away at school. My dad loves to grill, and after he recovered he started grilling healthier options like veggies, turkey, and chicken. My dad inspires me every day to live life like it's your last day!

Hero of the Grill-Shawn Jablonski

nominated by Aubrey J.

His love of the grill keeps us fed!

Hero of the Grill-Scott Heyboer

nominated by Scott H.

His meats are hard to beat! The way he applies the rub and massages it in to make sure all areas are loved equally is nothing short of amazing. I've never seen anyone so passionate about their meat as this man.

Hero of the Grill-Donald J. Trump

nominated by Bradley H.

I want to be inspired by seeing Donald Trump put on an apron and actually spend 5 minutes in front of a live charcoal or gas grill and flip some real All-American burgers and ribs. It'll be huge and awesome.

Hero of the Grill-Anishia Ralston

nominated by Amy W.
John Smith

Everything she puts on the grill turns into magic! My favorite is Cesar marinated chicken breasts! Yum!!

Hero of the Grill-Frank Dailey

nominated by Corinna D.

My ex-husband was the best grill person I knew, he could grill anything on the BBQ. it didn't matter if it was snowing out or not, we would BBQ. Thanks Frank

Hero of the Grill-Jimmie Parker

nominated by Leigh S.

Why I chose my dad to be my grilling hero is because he grills all year around winter summer spring and fall he never lets the weather stop him . He is the best at grilling anything whole pig's on the grill the smell would bring people from miles away and it always seemed to attract family we would pick it right off the grill and eat it with his special sauce the best sauce in the world shook all over the meat ummm umm good . I seen my dad make a grill with two stones and a stove grate he told me then baby girl it's not about having a fancy grill it's about who is cooking the food with love and good seasoning your sure to bring out good food laughter love and made memories with friends and family he always take pride in his food with love from the heart to bring people together that is why I choose my dad as my grilling hero because of his pride I have a passion for cooking wether inside or outside I love it with a passion to see people enjoying my food it is a passion handed down throughout my family