Where to Buy Japanese Chef Knives Online

Where to Buy Japanese Chef Knives Online?

When it comes to Knives, the Japanese have taken them to an artistic level. Their knives aren’t only beautiful but offer incredible value for money.

As a result, last week, when I decided to get a few chef knives for my kitchen, I immediately started looking for Japanese made ones. But due to the global pandemic and supply chain issues, there aren’t as many authentic offline options available as before.

Online retailers and resellers were the only options, and luckily, there are quite a few reliable options out there. Since cooking enthusiasts like professionals or me might be out there in need of these Japanese knives, I decided to share a few places to buy Japanese Chef Knives.

What Are the Top Japanese Knife Brands?

What are the Top Japanese Knife Brands

Before going into the details of where you can buy one, it is important to know which one is perfect for you. Several Japanese Knife brands specialize in all sorts of sizes and needs.

However, the most common among them are Tojiro, Zanmai, Sakai Jikko, Shun, Takayuki, and several others. A land of master forgers, the list of brands is seemingly endless coming from Japan.

Getting Japanese Chef Knives Online

This article will mention only the authentic sites that sell original Japanese knives imported from the local distributors in Japan. This is one of the first things you should consider before getting Japanese knives.

Several scams sell Chinese knives in the guise of Japanese ones. Since you are getting the knives online, a good indicator of authenticity would be to see how many ads the website is running. The lesser it is, the more authentic it tends to be.

Where to Buy Japanese Chef Knives Online?

Japanese chef knives are deceptively sharp and purpose-built. So, make sure you know which type of knives you need before purchasing one. It might get confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That being said, here’s a list of our top picks.

Bernal Cutlery

Bernal Cutlery

Starting the list with Bernal Cutlery situated in San Francisco. This store specializes in knives based in Japan and other countries. They have a physical shop as well as an eCommerce site for online purchases.

Brands like Ashi Hamono, Hitohira, Gihei, Jikko, Sanjo, Kaji-bei, and Kanehide are their exclusive items from Japan. Their mailing response isn’t all that great, but the eCommerce support more than makes up for it.

Chef Knives to Go

This is another proprietary knife shop based in Wisconsin. They only sell their products online as they do not have any physical retail store. They have a good choice of Japanese brands like Kohetsu, Kurosaki, Masakage, Konosuke, Richmond, Moritaka, and Shibata.

Another specialty of this shop is that their knives are directly shipped from Japan. The shop claims to have a physical warehouse in Japan that they use as storage and a drop shipping base.

Carbon Knife Co

Carbon Knife Co

Carbon Knife Co is based in Denver. They have a retail store along with their physical store. Their specialty is their customer service. The reviews note that the customer service representatives are very well conversed in knife knowledge and are attentive to the customer’s needs.

They have almost all the leading Japanese knife brands, including Laseur, Kato Yoshimi, Anryu, Ashi Hamono, and many more. If you’re in Denver, be sure to check out their physical store as well.

Cutlery and More

Cutlery and More is based in East Dundee, Illinois. They do not have any physical shop; rather, their base of operation is situated in Illinois.

The eCommerce platform has a comprehensive catalog of items ranging from brands and master forgers like Sakai Takayuki, Saji Takeshi, Shibata Kotetsu, Takamura, and Takeda.

However, the shop runs many paid ads to generate massive on-site traffic. But the reviews are great though the price might be a bit higher than the competitors.

Echef Knife

Echef Knife

Echef knife is another online retailer based in Beverly Hills. They are the exclusive importer of Yoshihiro Knives, one of the US’s most luxurious Japanese knife brands.

In addition to Yoshihiro knives, they also import other luxury chef knives from Japan. Their eCommerce platform is a true collector’s dream.

Prices can go as high as $ 5000 apiece. So, this website or the seller won’t be a good choice for people looking for things under a budget. But for people looking for true luxury, Echef Knife can be a great place to start a knife collecting hobby.

Japanese Chef Knives

This is arguably the best place to buy Japanese chef knives online. The actual retail store is based in Seki city of Japan.

Seki city is known for its history of knife making for centuries. From Hattori to Mizuno, the site lists some of the most exclusive and rare chef knives, which are otherwise hard to find in the US.

The site boasts a robust catalog of over 1500 different types of knives. And if that wasn’t enough, they even have a designated category to help you buy the perfect knife of your choice.

Customer service is also impeccable, with the same-day response for queries. Priority shipments get shipped on the same day. So, if you’re looking for the best of the best, JCK can be your easy choice.

Final Words

The Japanese chef knives are very coveted thanks to their durability and incredible value for money. The mix of modern engineering and centuries-old crafting style makes Japanese knives unique and long-lasting.

While it’s easy to get confused and spoilt for choice, there aren’t any wrong decisions with Japanese chef knives as they don’t tend to disappoint in any way. But the key here is to get the authentic ones. More so than ever, online buyers are at threat of getting scammed.

We suggest checking out the above sites or doing appropriate research on the seller before making any purchase.

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