Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
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Hero of the Grill-Tiffany Moran

nominated by Bill B.

She is just the greatest .

Hero of the Grill-Chris Mitchell

nominated by Tara M.

My husband is my grilling hero, he was doing great with outdoor cooking and I was doing a great job in the house... hinestly, I wanted it all!

Hero of the Grill-Steven Dehaeven

nominated by Donna H.

he is a vet and loves to cook out on weekends with the family

Hero of the Grill-Ralph Rossetti

nominated by Tammy R.

My husband loves food cooked in the grill but he always burns what ever he's cooking. So I took over and I love to try new things

Hero of the Grill-Russell Bain

nominated by James B.

Great times in my childhood barbequeing in the backyard.

Hero of the Grill-Lynnette Williams

nominated by Justin A.

I nominate my Mom as my hero of the grill. Every summer she makes countless hot dogs, hamburgers, marinated chicken, potatoes, corn, and marinated steaks on the grill. She makes pounds and pounds of macaroni salad for when she has cookouts for our friends and family. She only uses charcoal because that makes the best food. Sometimes she even has four grills going at the same time. The food always comes out perfect. She puts her whole heart into it. That is why she is and always will be my grill hero.

Hero of the Grill-Blong Vang

nominated by Mandy V.

My father is a creative cook, he has never ending ideas that we experiment with each time we cook.

Hero of the Grill-Chris Hopkins

nominated by Jamie L F.

He grills things I never imagined could be grilled.And no matter how odd,weird or gross it sounds or looks,he makes it the BEST food I've ever ate.I dont normally like the taste off meat grilled,but he changed my whole perspective on grilling and today,I would rather eat food cooked on the grill verses food cooked on a stove,oven etc...He is even the BEST at using a smoker..OMGosh,my mouth is watering as I write about it..This man (My Stepfather) is THE GRILL/SMOKER KING.

Hero of the Grill-ray harrell

nominated by angela h.

There is no doubt he is a hero....he has created a rib rub that is perfect. Everyone kept telling him he should cook and sell his ribs...which he did. He has always done what he could to provide for us and we needed the extra $$$. He is truly a hero.

Hero of the Grill-Bill Music

nominated by alea m.

My grilling hero would hands down have to be my father. He adopted me when I was only 3 months old & has continued to be there for me ever since, I am now 26. He is a great grandfather to my 5 year old son as well. I have learned a lot from my father and I would not be the person I am today without him. I thank god for putting him in my life. Some of my best memories as a child are being with my father. I only hope that I make him proud. He loves to grill and be outdoors. My son loves to go to his house and just play outside while we sit outside and talk and catch up. My father has made me humble, forgiving, strong & independent. He is one of the best people I know. He would honestly help anyone and expect nothing in return. He has a really good heart and I think I may have gotten that from him as well. I wish I was able to do more for my father. I know he has done everything for me and I cant repay him for that. I just try to go visit him and let him know I love him and think of him often. I worry about him a lot. I just hope that my father knows what kind of impact he has truly had on my life & for that I am eternally grateful. Bm

Hero of the Grill-Eddie Bridges

nominated by Laura-Ann B.

My father in law is the best griller that I know. He makes the juiciest steaks, tastiest wings with all kinds of sauces. I still remember the first set of wings I had from his grill, he made original/plain and they had so much smokey flavor without any sauce, also had bbq and hot wings and I licked them to the bones. He marinates so well and has a great sense of timing when using the grill. I wish that I was a grill master like him.

Hero of the Grill-Joseph lawrason

nominated by Arla L.
John Smith

He's great because makes taste so good and not around much cause he's a trucker

Hero of the Grill-Kimberly Duggan

nominated by Renee R.

In the summer, winter, spring or fall at least 3 or more times a week Kim is out there after work, grilling. When a storm hit the neighborhood, she organized the neighborhood to bring all the food that could not be saved but was still good to eat to a neighborhood share and cook. It brought smiles and new friendships to the area. A really nice person,

Hero of the Grill-Wesley Riels

nominated by Joanna R.

My dad used to grill almost every weekend, this was the way to bring our families together. My dad passed away about 3 years ago , we have not grilled that much since then ????

Hero of the Grill-Broderick Lovett

nominated by Broderick L.
John Smith

I enjoy eating grilled foods

Hero of the Grill-Derek Grether

nominated by Jody G.

He's an amazing husband and my grill hero!!

Hero of the Grill-Charles l phillips

nominated by Jeff P.
John Smith

My dad always use kingfords bricketts and to this day I can still smell of the lighter fluid that smell always reminds me of him you could definitely taste the lighter fluid and it cracks me up you could taste that then the food but my dad is where I got older wanted to grill but I use propane my dad has always been my hero every time someone is grilling with king ford bricketts I smell it and always think,of my dad love you dad.

Hero of the Grill-Benjamin Ham

nominated by Billie M.

Ben is my grilling here because everything he grills is delicious! Grilling season is my favorite season because I know we will be having some great meals.

Hero of the Grill-brandon mullins

nominated by Cynthia m.
John Smith

they always take over the grill at our cook outs and do the best job they have tips that always work, spices that make the food taste great and an attitude that is just perfet so he is always welcome and invited

Hero of the Grill-Ronnie Reed

nominated by Tanisha P.
John Smith

No matter if this man works 80 hours and his kids or anybody ask him to grill he is on it. No matter the weather or the temperature he will grill. He is dedicated to the grill and making others happy with grill food. Grilling is his therapy and he feels like it helps others feel better too.

Hero of the Grill-Trey Powell

nominated by Bruce C.

This Grillmaster was always giving me hints and tips but lost a foot to diabetic complications a few months ago. He's my grilling hero!

Hero of the Grill-Cheryl Howland

nominated by Amber H.

Awesome griller

Hero of the Grill-Denis Eirikis

nominated by Julie E.

My father is my grilling hero. He encouraged me to help him grill meats when i was young and I have always felt comfortable working a grill. He even employer me to build a grill as my household chore. As I grew up, i Realized i was one of the few of my friends who knew how to grill. To this day, my favorite cooking method is grilling! Thanks Dad!

Hero of the Grill-bob lewis

nominated by derek l.

my dad is my grilling hero.. we have countless stories to recall sitting on the back patio enjoying a bbq its part of my life

Hero of the Grill-Rob Hizer

nominated by Dana H.

I didn't have a dad growing up and my grandma didn't know how to grill. So when my uncle took the roll of showing me how to do things like grilling, he would always make these wild seasoning combinations and recipies but they would always turn out amazing.

Hero of the Grill-Randy Dexter

nominated by Laura H.
John Smith

Randy is my stepdad. He had to move into an apartment a few years ago and hasn't been able to grille and I can tell it's killing him! When we lived in a house, he would grill every weekend. His favorite thing to grill is ribs, but he does love him some ham! Whenever I would go over on a Saturday, he'd be out there grilling. I'd go out and chat with him and learn about grilling. As a mother myself, I wanted to learn from the best for my kids. But the best part about him grilling on the weekends was the chats we would have. It was during those times that him and I got really close. He's a dad to me now, and all because of grilling!! His passion for food and grilling has been one of the best things to happen to our family because it made us closer. I just hope I can live up to his mad grilling skills when I get a grill of my own! Randy Dexter is a grill master, and I'm so thankful for it!!

Hero of the Grill-Nathaniel King

nominated by Nate K.

Our father/ husband has used BBQ to hold our family together through all our hard times, our celebrations and everything in between. We moved from one state to another for a new start and fell on hard times. We were without electricity a few times, and he got us through those time to the point no one could tell we were without, some time we even forgot and we were the ones going through it. We made life better around the grill. Those moments can't be replace and we cherish them and the wonderful flavors we shared as a family. GOOD TIMES.... Nurturing food for our souls. Delivered by a real life hero.

Hero of the Grill-Rob Miller

nominated by Lisa M.
John Smith

My husband, Rob Miller, may snore too loud and have terrible fashion sense but he is the best cook and grillmaster I know! He grills from the heart for his friends and family at home and for his brothers at the firehouse. Not only does he make his own BBQ sauce from scratch (that people rave about) but he makes the best ribs in town. Most people would agree! He is a fireman for the Boise Fire Department and when he retires he wants to own a food truck called Roll-n-Ribs so he can share his food with everyone. Rob is a loving father, devoted husband, selfless public servant and an amazing cook. And I’m the lucky gal that gets to taste test everything he makes right off the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Wilmer Cote

nominated by David C.

Will was my dad who has since passed, but he was definitely my grilling hero because as a young kid I can remember my dad grilling in the middle of winter bundled up to the core out there grilling all the time saying nothing taste's better than something off the grill always remember that my boy and I keep those memories of my dad grilling in the freezing cold rain didn't matter as I'm now a man I do the same thanks Dad how right you were

Hero of the Grill-Ramona Dowdy

nominated by Billy D.

My wife Ramona is a great cook she can fix about anything you would like to eat I on the other hand can fix enuff to survive. She reminds me of my mom when she is cooking she can cook on a grill or oven she don’t measure anything out she just makes amazing meals she is Awesome

Hero of the Grill-Maurcie Hill

nominated by Katherine T.

Maurcie Hill taught me how to grill. Maurcie inspired me by the way he took his time to cook on the grill. I liked the way he cleaned and prep his meat before placing it on the grill. At the end when his food is fully cooked, what a beautiful presentation he always provides. Thanks.

Hero of the Grill-Steve Dean

nominated by Andrew D.
John Smith

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, my dad (Steve Dean) was the king of the grill! He never did any cooking without going all out! I looked forward to having people over so I could “show him off”! This continued all through high school and college, Dad never had a problem cooking for all the football guys or packing enough food in a cooler to last a week, after college I moved to Kansas City and we began checking out local BBQ competitions. We decided to see if we had what it takes to compete on the KCBS circuit. We just cooked our 57th contest together and he still impressed me to this day with his grilling and smoking knowledge!

Hero of the Grill-Richard Boothe

nominated by Dianne B.
John Smith

My husband is my grilling hero! He’s the epitome of perfect, knows how to prep the grill as well as the food! He heats the grill, takes the wire brush and cleans it, and then is ready for the meat. I’ve never met anyone that cooks food to perfection like him. He’s definitely taught me a lot just by my watching how he does it!

Hero of the Grill-Terry Stafford

nominated by Darlene S.

he always go beyond the grill to make your dinner extra special, whether it's just adding fresh grilled onions, or topping your meat with something extra, what ever he can find

Hero of the Grill-Clayton Hahn

nominated by Marty H.

My wonderful husband! He does most of the grilling around here and does an amazing job! Would love to win him something awesome!

Hero of the Grill-James Brotherton

nominated by Christine G.
John Smith

James is my son-in-law. I go a few times a year to visit James, my daughter and their 3 children. James always grills up some kind of meat and vegetables. My husband is a vegetarian and we don't grill out often; to my dismay. So, needless to say; I really enjoy the meals James prepares while I am there and he is my Hero of The Grill.

Hero of the Grill-skip haven

nominated by judy v.

he love to grill and is always coming up with great ideas for grilling the best food ever

Hero of the Grill-Darrell GIlleland

nominated by Kristi A.

When the tree fell on my patio and grilling area, destroying everything, he went to work getting it all cleaned up and a new deck rebuilt. Once the mess was cleaned up, I was able to replace my furniture, smoker and flattop, and now I am back in business. He's worked like crazy making sure I could grill!

Hero of the Grill-April Rios

nominated by April R.

My mom is a grilling hero because she inspires me to learn different ways to grill.

Hero of the Grill-Jonathan Larson

nominated by Heather D.
John Smith

Jonathan is my bbq hero because he has taught me so much about smoking meats. We’ve taken classes together and started a competition bbq team about 4 years ago. He handles the big meats and i do the chicken and box prep and sauces. We can’t compete as much as we would like to but when we do we have a blast. This is a hobby we both can do together and we love it! Our friends love our food and you can see Jonathan’s pride in what he smokes!

Hero of the Grill-Michael Mullins

nominated by Kathy M.

My grandson Michael is 25 with a new family. He loves to grill on the weekends and is pretty good at it. He loves to try new things and always trying to come up with the perfect shish kabob! He has a baby boy on the way and I can't wait to see him with that baby on his hip grilling away!

Hero of the Grill-Geoff Brown

nominated by Tanya B.

My dad is by far my grilling hero! One of my favorite things about my childhood is when my dad would grill out. Not only was the food delicious, but it brought our family closer. I always loved (and still do!) hanging out with my dad while he would be grilling with a beer in hand. Nothing beats grill food!

Hero of the Grill-Bill Roberson

nominated by Ruth M.

He taught me I can grill in rain or shine and that true happiness is coming home to grill dinner after a long day stuck in an office. I'm in an office now and this advice truly means the world to me because I go outside and fire up the grill and let my day melt away.

Hero of the Grill-Brent Wilkinson

nominated by Susan W.

He is an inspiration to all adopting 4 children, taking care of his parents and wives parents in their elder years. Grilling for all at great gatherings in his home. Nothing is too much trouble for him and his family and friends.

Hero of the Grill-Stanley Smit

nominated by Mike S.

My grilling hero is my dad. Growing up in Chicago, he grilled on his Weber all year round. He came up with the best recipes from scratch that you would never find in a restaurant. His staple was “Chicken and dumplings “ on the grill. From start to finish, everything was done on the Weber. The chicken fell off the bone , and the dumplings with gravy would make a train take a dirt road to get some. I’ve learned so much from him, I’m now a Grillmaster as he was. He has passed away many years ago, but I’ll never forget grilling his pineapple hams with him on Christmas Day for our family parties with a foot of snow on the ground and it’s 15 degrees outside. That was his dedication, the best food for everyone, no matter the conditions. And he did it all year around, just like I do now. I live in Florida now, so no snow for us, but if it’s pouring rain, the smoker is still going, either in the garage or under the lanai. We keep grilling! All year long, just like dad did.

Hero of the Grill-Robert Judge

nominated by annmarie j.
John Smith

Our yard when we bought our home was all dirt - he turned it into a beautiful place to grill

Hero of the Grill-Terry Cockerham

nominated by Stephanie S.
John Smith

He inspires me to eat a healthier way to grilling vetables, because he makes me want to learn to grill and to me any man who wants his woman to eat healthier is a keeper!!!

Hero of the Grill-Kyle Gamble

nominated by Nancy G.

He is the best son in-law and I love his food he cooks on the grill it tastes so good and delishious so he makes me want to have cookouts all the time everyone who comes to our cook outs or our birthday party s say they are going to have cookouts that's why he is my cook out on the grill he's quick and all the people love the different kinds of food he makes on the grill hamburgers/hotdogs/steaks/baked potatoes/ pizzas corn and yes cake's so you can cook anything on grill really you want so people need to try all of the food he cooks on the grill that's how slot of us learn from him so yeah I'm very proud of my son in-law the best person to cook on a grill

Hero of the Grill-Donnie LaRosa

nominated by Michell B.

My dad, growing up he was always grilling or smoking some type of meat. Very fond memories

Hero of the Grill-Anthony Lopisi

nominated by Jordon B.

Growing up my dad was absent a lot so my step dad "stepped" up a lot. He was the one that taught me a lot of what my father was supposed to. I would always watch when he gilled growing up to learn. In the last couple years he got a smoker grill and he got me into wanting to learn how to grill that way as well.