Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
Nominate your Hero of the Grill for your chance to Win $5,000
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Hero of the Grill-Colby powell

nominated by Kimberly C.
John Smith

My grilling hero would have to be my husband. He involves my kids since they love to be his little mini chefs too. My husband does all the grilling and we grill about 4 times a week He’s amazing grill chef.

Hero of the Grill-Alfred cody

nominated by Janell M.

He taught me how to grill when I married him and now I'm the master griller!!! Lol

Hero of the Grill-Bill Maldonado

nominated by Cherlin H.

He is my brother and he works hard for his family and then comes home and grills awesome food. He is my inspiration and hero he has been helping me learn more about grilling out all the time.

Hero of the Grill-Brandon Sanspree

nominated by Amanda S.

He always grills us yummy food. He makes me want to get an inside grill so I can grill yummy food too.

Hero of the Grill-Lionel Howie

nominated by Steven O.

Showed me different ways to grill the same meat and make the meat taste great too!

Hero of the Grill-Lauren Yaple

nominated by Jennifer R.

With most of my family being overweight it was my normal. My sister decided to do something about her weight and stated grilling most of her healthy foods. Her weight loss inspired me to give it a try as well. So far since I started grilling my meats and veggies I have lost over 40 lbs since December!!!

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Thomas

nominated by Lesleigh T.

My grilling hero is my husband, Kevin Thomas. He LOVES to grill. He loves trying new recipes and grilling techniques. The reason that he is my grilling hero is because he bring all of our family together when grilling. He is very much about family time and loves bringing everyone together around the bbq pit. Absolutely nothing better! He has even gotten me into grilling.

Hero of the Grill-michael sampson

nominated by Michelle B.

He loves grilling always trying new flavors and recipes he cooks way to much and loves to feed everybody

Hero of the Grill-Constance Grimm

nominated by ROGER G.

My mother-in-law rocks it in playing cards and grilling!

Hero of the Grill-Kyle Upthegrove

nominated by Debbie E.

My husband is my grilling hero! He loves grilling so much he will grill in any weather. He has been perfecting his technique for years and is well known in our circle of friends and family as the grill master. Cooking for a large crowd is something he does regularly, and I love to see how good food and good friends go together so well.

Hero of the Grill-cindy hopkins

nominated by jamie h.

Growing up it was me,my sister and mother and my mother loved to grill. She taught my sister and i all bout the grill when we were small. Grillimg was one of her favorite things to do. My mothet always tried to teach my sister and i all the importance of maintaining a home and taking care of your family. My fahter was in our life but he worked away from home on a barge so that left my mother to fill those shoes when he wasnt there. To this day my mother still looks out for us even though were grown, she always told us we would understand when we had kids of our own. I now fully understand all she taught us as we were growing up. Now my family we like to have get togethers and grill out. Last year i grilled for my grand daughters birthday and we had a blast. My mother had a cook out at her house it was so nice, and the food was declious. We all had a great time sitting around the picnic table fellowshiping. My mother is the most selfless person i know she always puts everyone else before herself. Ive tried to tell her to not worrry bout us werw grown to now take time for herself and enjoy life. It takes a strong woman to be both mother and father when the other parent is absent. My sad was a great father its juat he worked away.

Hero of the Grill-Stephanie Zangakis

nominated by marion c.

I was a home health aid and while taking care of Stephanie's mother she inspired me to grill and taught me a lot.

Hero of the Grill-Keith Mercer

nominated by Tiffany M.

He is the most amazing man I have ever met! He is self taught and can grill an amazing steak and potato!

Hero of the Grill-BOBBY MUENCKLER

nominated by Cynthia S.
John Smith

He loves to cook. Grilling is his art. From veggies, to pork, steak etc. Seasoned to perfection

Hero of the Grill-Ryan Tracy

nominated by KARI T.

Ryan is my AMAZING fiancé and he's king of the grill! He never says no when I am wanting something grilled and is always willing to make whatever I pull out for dinner! We love to grill during the summer when we have friends over to swim while enjoying some cold drinks! He is always the first one to offer to cook food the way our company likes and keeps track of everything so it's perfect!

Hero of the Grill-PETER BURKS

nominated by Lindsay B.


Hero of the Grill-Hichele Paoness

nominated by Anna K.

not only is she the best cookbut akso knows how to grikk the most delicious meals

Hero of the Grill-Malcolm Reed

nominated by Kevin S.
John Smith

I started following Mr Malcolm because he makes doing good bbq easy. He takes time to explain why he does what he does, how to do it right. He also has his own line of rubs and sauces but still makes videos of him using other people’s products. That show what type of guy he is to push other people’s products on his page. He is just the best person to learn from.

Hero of the Grill-Cory Southwood

nominated by Cathy O.
John Smith

My husband is awesome at grilling his favorite meats and always goes along with whatever I want to throw on too, veggies or breads or whatever! Oh I take that back, no artichokes for him! Lol He loves experimenting with new sauces and marinades or just different spices! His favorite thing is to BBQ with neighbors and relax on the weekends.. He's only home on the weekends and loves to eat good BBQ food! he is my Hero on many levels, Father, Step-father, Uncle, Son -in-Law, Friend, but most importantly, the Keeper of my heart.

Hero of the Grill-Michael Eral

nominated by Wes E.

Michael has very good taste in his grilled meats. He uses different types of marinade and spices for the meat. ( I don't know the exact spices and marinade he uses. I guess that is his little secret!) Michael takes pride in his grilling techniques. He is my hero for preparing meat and grilling. He has the talent to become a chef if he chooses. Michael is family, but he is our HERO OF THE GRILL!

Hero of the Grill-Pete Hentschel

nominated by Tiffany H.

My Petely Man is my grilling hero. He makes the best steaks and smokes ribs that are fantastic! I never got the knack for grilling and I didn't have to, cause he rocks!

Hero of the Grill-Cecil Holmes

nominated by amy k.

My hubby is the master griller around here. Watching him grill up some goodies makes me believe I could do it if for some reason he's not here to do it for us.

Hero of the Grill-John Cole

nominated by Cherryl C.

John is my husband of 35 years. When we first got married his grilling consisted of hot dogs and over cooked everything else. Over the years he has progressively gotten better. It's now at the point that I like his steaks better than any restaurant steak.

Hero of the Grill-Shawn Surber

nominated by Rebecca S.
John Smith

Shawn is an amazing man who loves to grill. He loves to grill and smoke meats of all kinds. He enjoys grilling for his family, friends, and co workers. Everyone is always happy when Shawn is manning the grill. If there is a party he can always be found in the middle of it, in front of the grill.

Hero of the Grill-Guy fieri

nominated by Alicia H.

He's just plain amazing!

Hero of the Grill-Sterling Ball

nominated by Mandy C.

It's all in the rub and it inspires my creativity when making my own rubs.

Hero of the Grill-Dave Feltman

nominated by Rocky R.

Dave, has been grilling and smoking since a young age. Ten years ago I met with Dave to learn about his techniques. He could have said beat it kid, but he sat down and talked with me on temperature, smoke, timing and preparation of meats. His meat of choice is Smithfield. I owe all my knowledge of grilling to Dave and the Smithfield brand of meats. Thank you, for letting me tell my story. Rocky Raikes

Hero of the Grill-Kevin Klepek

nominated by Diane M.

He invites family over while he grills. It gives us all a "together time" to share our stories and enjoy his fabulous grilled food.

Hero of the Grill-Cae Garcia

nominated by Adana G.

Mother of 5. One of which is disabled. Hard working dedicated mother

Hero of the Grill-Roman Venegas

nominated by Sharon H.

My neighbor, Roman, loves to grill. Any time of the year. And he always sends a plate over for my husband and me. He grills foods I wouldn't think of cooking on the grill and they taste phenomenal.

Hero of the Grill-Jesse Lomeli

nominated by April T.

Jesse has diabetes and he is slowly making changes to improve his health. One of those changes is to eat more protein and less carbohydrates. In order to aid in this goal he has bought a grill and is grilling meat and vegetables twice a week. That has taken a load off my plate. Not only with worry about is he going to make the changes needed, but also with helping with family meals.

Hero of the Grill-Steve Wiggins

nominated by Michelle H.

Whenever he's grilling, its flawless!

Hero of the Grill-Casey Luoma

nominated by Jessica M.

I am about to tell you something crazy; up until last year, I did not like steak. That is 23 years of living in the dark, not knowing what I was missing. I met Casey, and he is what I would call a "Grill Master": brats, burgers, steaks, corn on the cob-you name it! Every weekend in the Summer, he runs to the local butcher and picks up whatever he is craving that day (along with food for his friends, of course). One particular memory that sticks out is when I found my love for steak. Casey had picked up the thickest, juiciest looking steak and marinated it overnight. We headed to the local park with our coal and I said I would try it for him. The first bite into the steak was like no other, and a mix of emotions came over me! WHAT HAD I BEEN MISSING MY WHOLE LIFE?! It was the best thing I have ever tasted, and from then on out I request a nice grilled steak from him frequently! Anyone who does something life changing like that is obviously a grilling hero!

Hero of the Grill-Joe Aguilar

nominated by Tina A.

My dad has been grilling since I was little. He always got us involved in the cooking and let us help. We thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now we grill with our kids, and they love it.

Hero of the Grill-Harry T Gilmore

nominated by Tae J.
John Smith

When it comes to grilling Harry is the master of grilling, smoking meats and veggies. His smoked chicken and brisket is absolutely the best!

Hero of the Grill-Wayne Glover

nominated by Morgan G.

This great man is my Pawpaw. Ever since I was about 6, I was right by his side grilling up those delicious ribs, whole chickens, and regular ole hotdogs on all of your most popular holidays. I knew that when I wanted to grow up, that I wanted to produce all of the great holiday foods that he brought to the table. Just this past year, I have graduated from culinary school and now pursuing my dreams. I would have never thought that I could do this without his support. Unfortunately, he has now passed. He/nor myself, most likely won’t win the prize but that’s okay.. I would have never done this if it wasn’t for him. Thank you for hearing my story.

Hero of the Grill-Bud Cooper

nominated by Amy S.

My Dad is my grilling hero everything he ever made on the grill was good. I remember the fish he made he would cost it then drill it ot was always good. Je inspired me to grill myself

Hero of the Grill-Slavia "Nick" Nikolish

nominated by jacqueline n.
John Smith

My 95 yr old husband and WW2 veteran is my hero of the grill. He loves to grill while I am working in the kitchen preparing the rest of the meal. He will even grill in inclement weather, so we can enjoy that incredible flavor in wintertime too.

Hero of the Grill-David Miller

nominated by Teresa F.

I wish he would have had the time to teach me more. He loved to grill, steak, salmon, ribs, chicken. Was awesome.

Hero of the Grill-Jeff Watz

nominated by Kortney L.
John Smith

My father is my grilling hero because growing up he was ALWAYS finding a way to grill amazing food every weekend when he was home from work, he is a truck driver, so we had only the weekends to look forward to his amazing work! ? I could remember legitimately asking every weekend what was for dinner because I didn't want to miss out on something wonderful. Now i'm completely addicted to grilling out. Everything I eat, I want to find out if there's a way to grill it. It's amazing how many things can actually be grilled that I've never tried before.

Hero of the Grill-Bryan Turner

nominated by JIM G.

My daughter and her family live in North Carolina. A few years ago they came to visit our family in New Jersey. Her husband trailed his big smoker behind their vehicle. He spent days preparing and cooking food and making sauces. It was the best experience and best tasting food that I have ever had. Since then I continue trying to recreate his masterpieces. My food will never be as good as his but I keep cooking and enjoy the memories. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

Hero of the Grill-Antwan Dockery-Cofield

nominated by Lalita D.
John Smith

I would like to nominate my husband for being our family grilling hero. He picked up the love for grilling, because he was inspired by my dad. My husband Antwan has learned all the fundamentals of grilling by his father in law whom passed away 7yrs ago. Once our dad transitioned my husband picked up the love for the grill and took over as the grill master for the family. We absolutely love his passion for grilling and being able to take over with great appreciation within his heart and it shows in the food its always delicious and fulfilling.He is our Hero.

Hero of the Grill-Ted Kidwell

nominated by Karen B.

Ted organizes free picnics and bbq's, grilling for veterans, recovering alcoholics, homeless people, and others less fortunate that sometimes just need to know that someone out there cares about them. Ted is on a limited income himself, but uses every last penny he makes to bring joy, happiness, love and good food to people that otherwise might not have any of those things. Ted has inspired me to learn to grill good food so someday, when I feel confident enough about my grilling skills, I too, can reach out, and give back to the community like he does, bringing delicious food and smiles to peoples faces. The world needs more Heros like Ted in it.

Hero of the Grill-Jon jewell

nominated by Lauri J.

Well he us my love and my hero...a vet. His way of inspiring me is a bit different. He has caught the propane grill on fire so many times we had to buy new fire extingushers!!! So...now i grill! Lol

Hero of the Grill-Jason Kovachevich

nominated by Meghan K.

My husband is a master of grilling. I never really knew how to cook before I met him. Only 2 dishes and that was it! Over the years he has taught me how to mix flavors to make foods delicious. He knows how to make the perfect juicy burger and medium rare steak just the way I like it. He inspired me to want to learn how to make them myself. I would much rather grill at home now instead of going out to a restaurant!

Hero of the Grill-Roy Stogner

nominated by Roy S.
John Smith

He helps with a local race team on Saturdays, so Sundays are our grilling days, We have both a smoker and a grill. Grilling time is family time.

Hero of the Grill-James Mathis

nominated by Vicki M.

He can cook anything and he shares his skills with all his family and friends.

Hero of the Grill-David Kinser

nominated by Pamela K.
John Smith

David does the grilling at all our family’s cookouts. Every 4th of July he’s cooking for my whole family. ( I have 8 brothers and sisters, plus all our kids and grandkids). He’s cooking while we’re all eating. And we grill out at home a lot and he always does the grilling. He even helps grill at our church outings.

Hero of the Grill-Martin Craig Weaver

nominated by Debra W.

My husband, Craig, is my grilling hero. He faithfully grills the most delicious ribs for our annual family reunion, with several generations gathering in upstate New York. Craig puts a lot of love into making this for the family each year. Our family reunion was last week and he made five racks that we transported from our home in High Point, North Carolina. It took days to prepare as he could only smoke a rack at a time on the small smoker I received as a gift from the office where I worked before I retired. Regardless, he made his own dry rub and began making the ribs a week in advance, freezing each one as he completed it after cutting it into portions. On the day of the reunion, he loads them into crock pots to keep warm and adds lots of bbq sauce. They fall off the bone, and are so tender and spiced just right. Everyone loves them and they go quickly! Best to be at the beginning of the serving line or you may miss out!! Should he win the prize money, a large smoker grill would be purchased, which would reduce the time it takes Craig to prepare all the tasty ribs and maybe a nicer grill as he has a round charcoal grill. This would be such a fantastic gift for him - and the extended family! Craig is truly our hero of the grill!

Hero of the Grill-Michael perry

nominated by Tammy P.

My husband got me into grilling...not only because I don't have to to much cooking when he does but also because it tastes so much better on the grill than on the stove!